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AYUSE KOZUE – When I Wish Upon A Star June 12, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. When I Wish Upon A Star
  2. Goin’ on (ex. mix)
  3. SUNDAE LOVE (chocolate sundae remix)
  4. When I Wish Upon A Star (Instrumental)

1. When I Wish Upon A Star

AYUSE really surprises us beginning a new era with an actual ballad.  It’s full of piano and strings and what not.  It’s quite a dropoff from her last era which was full of them R&B and poppy tracks I bet.  I know it’s a drastic change of sound from her last two singles.  It does come off as a bit too shoddy, but AYUSE sings pretty well in a deeper tone.  It’s alright, but there’s not much to remember it by.

2. Goin’ on (ex. mix)

Released as a HMV limited single, Goin’ On gets a remix more or less and while I’ve not gone and listen to the song, this mix continues AYUSE’s R&B nature pretty well.  I thought the song was an extended version, but I guessed wrong.  I really liked her voice though here.  It’s smooth and not boring at all.

3. SUNDAE LOVE (chocolate sundae mix)

Sundae Love was a single in the past era and that song was 80’s nostalgia and the video was just a whole bag of random.  The remix on this single took the 80’s out and gave it a urban style to mix things up, hence the chocolate.  AYUSE’s doesn’t fit right though in this remix nor the rapper…just a mess IMO



So far though, When I Wish Upon A Star begins the era off pretty slowly with a ballad.  I’m not sure where she’s leading off, especially with all them party singles beforehand, but maybe it’ll get better from here.  The remixes is alright, nothing to really oogle over, but it’s passable.


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