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SUMMER OF LOVE feat. Masami Okui – My resolution ~Ano Tokei no Shita de~ June 15, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. My resolution ~Ano Tokei no Shita de~
  2. popcorn☆magic
  3. My resolution ~Ano Tokei no Shita de~ (Instrumental)
  4. popcorn☆magic (Instrumental)

1. My resolution ~Ano Tokei no Shita de~

There’s just something interesting about Masami doing rock-like songs because she seems to excel at these kind of tracks and she does with this track.  I’m not entirely sure who this SUMMER OF LOVE is, but I consider this a Masami Okui track.  There’s a lot of catchy hooks in the bridge and chorus.  I’d say it’s a bit better than “Starting Over”

2. popcorn☆magic

popcorn☆magic is something more simpler than the rock track, taking a more pop sound which is a good balance for the single and it’s oddly quite cute compared to Masami’s other works.  It’s a bit too tame though in my opinion and the energy is a little lackluster, especially knowing she’s definitly did some amazing track back in the day.  B-side material for sure.



I’m not sure who’s this SUMMER OF LOVE is, but I really consider this as a Masami Okui release which is surprising since this single is from Momoi’s label which is pretty cool if you ask me.  Masami in the single was overall alright, a bit better than “Starting Over”, but this single was different than normal.  I like My resolution a lot more than popcorn ☆magic since Masami fits better with rock than pop.