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Seira Kagami – Kaleidoscope/Kodoku no Hikari June 18, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Kodoku no Hikari
  3. Kaleidoscope (Instrumental)
  4. Kodoku no Hikari (Instrumental)

1. Kaleidoscope

Seira Kagami begins her career with a carefree pop song.  It’s quite a cute track to listen to and Seira’s vocals are quite nice, though a little weak at points.  The music is quite nice and full of easy pop sounds that would make a debut sound passable.  I do love the part she’s singing out ~I love you~, it’s kind of the best part of the song. 

2. Kodoku no Hikari

I liked the other A-side more.  Kodoku no Hikari is definitly in the jazz genre and it does sound like something Mika Nakashima would’ve taken for herself, but Seira has done this song pretty well.  She’s got the right voice to do some jazz and she’s vocally a lot better here than on “Kaleidoscope”.  Just the right track to debut with too.



Seira begins her career pretty nicely with a double A-sided single.  I do prefer “Kodoku no Hikari” clearly because jazz is just a really nice style to do anything with.  Kaleidoscope is alright, but just a little too weak for Seira…..maybe a rearrangement is in order?


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