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Yuka Kagiyama – Love player June 25, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Love player
  2. Akuma wo Nemurasete
  3. Love player (Instrumental)
  4. Akuma wo Nemurasete (Instrumental)

1. Love player

I’m actually happy to see someone debut with an actual hard track from avex and Yuka does this quite well.  Her vocals aren’t horribly high and she has quite a sweet control over her voice as she shows her vocals.  Now the song is pretty dark sounding with furious guitars and various quirks from the keyboard.  There’s even a sweet guitar solo in the middle of the song.  Gosh, it’s furious and in your face and I like it alot.  It’s even better that the PV was basically an homage to Resident Evil.

2. Akuma wo Nemurasete

The B-side is also just as freaky and sweet as “Love player” was and I quite like this track alot as well.  It’s a bit slower than the A-side, but it does also replace the furious guitar riffs with a more intricate arrangement with added strings.  Her vocals really sound nice here and she hits the notes pretty well.  Did want her to make this a bit more explosive like “Love player” but this was still pretty good as a B-side.



Wow, now this debut was pretty hardcore and I like it alot fur sure.  Yuka really put the evil in her debut and that’s one huge risk to take especially for a debut from avex and it worked for her.  I actually seeing this gal going far because I quite like her powerful vocals and her rock style.  *RECOMMENDED*


3 Responses to “Yuka Kagiyama – Love player”

  1. K.N. Says:

    You know, the thing that I find about Yuka Kagiyama is that I’m too busy staring at her rather than uhh… listening to her sing.

  2. amaiyume Says:

    I also hope she does well!!

    There’s something magical about her and I hope avex gives her the attention she deserves!! It was surprising to hear such “evil” material as you put it XD

    But I don’t want her to just to do these kind of songs….

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