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Aya Ueto – Smile for…/Mou Ichido Dake June 26, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Smile for…
  2. Mou Ichido Dake
  3. Smile for… (instrumental)
  4. Mou Ichido Dake (instrumental)

1. Smile for…

It’s been a while since Aya released anything for a while and I was oddly surprised the song sounded pretty idol-like with it’s overly pop-like nature and the small quips of electric guitar.  I’m pretty turned off by the fact that Aya went this direction to be using all these terrible idol-like sounds, all those yelps and ~YEAHS~ do not make a song any good IMO, and sort of detracts from the song itself.  I haven’t heard her stuff before this era, but I know that “way to heaven” is leagues better.  Sad, sad song.

2. Mou Ichido Dake

However, I was happy with the B-side which was a ballad.  Aya did a way better job sounding together and keeping herself sweet and nicely emotional throughout.  It’s still a little bit a little bit typical of a ballad with a piano + strings arrangement.  It can become a little bland after a while, but it’s still a good ballad.



Ok, I guess two years has messed her up a little bit, Smile for… was just too idolly for me and I thought she was over that crap for sure, but I guess not and I quickly got annoyed with it.  Mou Ichido Dake was an alright ballad, even though it’s not too much…Seems like Aya can’t get a super song out of the era…Can’t tell which is the worst one of the era.