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Versailles – ASCENDEAD MASTER July 2, 2009

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ascendead master

Track Listing

  2. HALLWAY (First Press I only)
  3. PILGRIM (First Press II only)
  4. COVENANT (First Press III only)
  5. GEKKAKOU (Regular only)
  6. DESCENDENT OF THE ROSE (Regular only)


Could it be more exciting that Versailles always make epic A-sides?  Well, this time I’m going to have to agree again, clearly because the song is a like love for Visual-Kei.  The music is aggressive and full of the band and orchestral sound.  Kamijo’s vocals also stand out in the song as they are deep and shmexii.  The crazy ass guitar solo also won me over pretty quickly…Hizaki has great guitar skills.  Amazing.


Not letting up on their aggressive sound, The B-side also shows the band of even more harder than “ASCENDEAD MASTER”.  If you really think about it, GEKKAKOU is even more harder and darker which surprised me good.  I love Kamijo’s growling/yell in the bridge.  I think this track made a better impact on me than the A-side actually.


It is an instrumental of course so Kamijo doesn’t make an appearance here, but this short single ender sounds like it has future potential to be a full track from the band someday.  It’s got a lot of build-up at the start then cools off into a band orchestral solo which was cool. 



I’ll do those 3 other tracks once they leak out.  Versailles debut under a major label was actually quite awesome for them because they showed how hard they can play.  GEKKAKOU was amazing though so I pretty much considered the rest of the single to be below it.  ASCENDENT MASTER is good as well, not quite as epic like GEKKAKOU but close enough and well the rest of the single is basically instrumentals…so who knows but DESCENDENT OF THE ROSE makes me wonder what the others are like.