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Junko Akimoto – Tasogare Love again July 8, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Tasogare Love again
  2. Ai no Uta Uri
  3. Tasogare Love again (Original Karaoke)
  4. Tasogare Love again (Ippanyou Karaoke)
  5. Ai no Uta Uri (Original Karaoke)

1. Tasogare Love again

Ahhhh, I’m not sure after the amazing “Ai no Mama de…” It’s hard to really follow-up with something just as amazing.  Tasogare Love again, it’s another ballad from Junko and features a lot of accordion and there’s even BKGD vocalists as well.  I kind of like the mid-tempo sound and at different points it sounds a little bit like a waltz in the chorus.  I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff, so I naturally like this track.  Junko’s vocals are as usual quite nice sounding as well. 

2. Ai no Uta Uri

Our B-side, is a bit more upbeat, but there’s something about it that just screams perfection to me.  It’s got a Russian sound, acoustic guitar playing, and seriously the different areas of music is quite intriguing and surprised that it’s kind of catchy as well.  Even though it doesn’t ave a clear climax to it and basically stays at the same pace most of the song it’s a good B-side.



I know this isn’t “Ai no Mama de…”, but this was a great single to start up a new era for Junko here.  Tasogare Love again basically made enka sound a bit waltzy for the era and she pulled it odd gracefully.  Ai no Uta Uri on the other hand kept a good punch in the music and the song sounded ethnic and nice.  I think she’s still got the flame to take over Oricon again.


One Response to “Junko Akimoto – Tasogare Love again”

  1. hyperballad Says:

    ahh enka…

    its so smoothing…

    and melting…

    and laid back


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