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Sweet Vacation – Ai ni Ikou ~I・NEED・TO・GO~ July 8, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Ai ni Ikou ~I・NEED・TO・GO~
  2. Because Of You
  3. Summer Day (DJ TARO “hbs” Remix)

1. Ai ni Ikou ~I・NEED・TO・GO~

I gotta say, Sweet Vacation definitely got into a more stronger sound for their next A-side and Ai ni Ikou if one of those songs that sounds good and actually sounds like something from the 80’s.  May still doesn’t sound right in the song, but the cuteness in her voice won me over in the song and the chorus is like so catchy…I’m pretty sure Daichi even has a few lines in the song.  Ai ni Ikou is a stronger track than “Sayonara my days”

2. Because Of You

Sweet Vacation is well-known for their many covers and we have a NE-YO track that’s being covered and took the R&B and gave it a techno twist and oddly enough it’s not that bad, but since the song was originally a male sung track, hearing May take this is quite something.  I like it, but it doesn’t have the sexy feel to it that the original had.  Maybe they should’ve covered “Sexy Love”.

3. Summer Day (DJ TARO “hbs” Remix)

I’m guessing this was a track of theirs in one of their last eras.  Summer Day here sounds more easier to listen to with it’s bouncier rhythms and feelgood sound.  I can actually hear the summery side of the track as well and I love it.   This actually sounds something along the lines of what Perfume would’ve done.



Sweet Vacation’s 2nd and final single of the era, totally pwns their last single for sure.  Ai ni Ikou has a great sound to it and it’s quite catchy, especially in the chorus.  Their NE-YO cover was also nice though, I still have problems getting the fact that a girl is covering a male’s part in the song….so odd.  Summer Day was a bit Perfume and the ending really gave the single closure.  Sweet single.


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