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Shion Tsuji – M/elody August 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. M/elody
  2. Naminari
  3. M/elody (Instrumental)

1. M/elody

I’m so happy Shion went back to what she did best and that was happy-feeling acoustic tracks.  I’m noticing that she’s also getting better at singing as well.  I still find her English amusingly cute as she says ~melody~, but she doesn’t have Engrish issues and that’s a plus, though funny.  M/elody was just what I wanted and I’m so happy she carried the song better than she did with “Candy kicks” and “Sky chord”. 

2. Naminari

Naminari right from the start was obviously a different story.  It might be at the same tempo with “Candy kicks”, but this is a bit more serious of a song from Shion that we’ve seen previous.  Its a bit like something YUI would’ve released, but hearing Shion kind of makes it a little more suited.  I do question her high notes as they sound pretty harsh, like a whine or something.



Shion’s 3rd single is a bit more together than her last single which is pretty sweet.  M/elody was what I thought a good Shion song should sound like.  Naminari is like the other serious songs she had on her previous singles, but with a bad high register I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, but the rest is good.


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