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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – swamp man August 14, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. swamp man
  2. XYZ
  3. good bye
  4. eyes
  5. fly me to the other moon
  6. pain
  7. 7.2
  8. hate
  9. living
  10. you

1. swamp man

Ahhh, swamp man the “opening” to the album.  It sounds like it’s being played on a record and this lone piano has a very somber sound to it.  Like something that could be heard in a horror film.  After a little bit, SASSY comes in with a small drum moment and more things get added onto the track and ends with HALCA or Yuusuke saying the title of the album.

2. XYZ

Released as a digital single before the album. It’s also the first track to feature new female singer, HALCA.  I have to say that the similarities to Maaki are disturbing and yet comforting because I actually like HALCA’s vocals in the track…The music is a bit harder hitting than previous songs (which is a good thing).  There’s this epic feeling to the song itself especially in the slower parts.  Yuusuke’s growling is pretty cool too and fits with HALCA’s strong singing.

3. good bye

The main promotional track for the album, good bye continues this strong hard rock sound.  Sadly the song features more of Yuusuke than HALCA.  Though it does have a pretty good bassline which I don’t exactly remembering any song from them to have a prominent one.  HALCA does have the chorus, but it doesn’t exactly sound like she’s too interested in the song.  Yuusuke on the other hand is like screaming the lyrics.  It might not be the most amazing way to do songs, but it does show the band still has energy for their songs.

4. eyes

HALCA luckily takes over the next track which is a bit slower and more reminescent to some of the songs from “San” and “ROCK PIT” and it really does show off her vocals in a really good well.  I’m starting to think that she might be the best replacement for Maaki.  Yuusuke is pushed back to BKGD stuff and I don’t mind that at all.  Things pickup nicely in the chorus as it does get faster.  Alright, this is a pretty awesome track.

5. fly me to the other moon

Interesting to hear fly me to the other moon open up like a dance track.  Anyways, Yuusuke is singing again and actually singing and it’s kind of sounds mysterious, especially since the verses go back to the dance beats.  HALCA is singing in a higher register and solidified her as a good singer.  Even Maaki couldn’t do this very well.  As a HandMC track, this is very experimental of them and they nailed it.  Plus, I love Yuusuke’s yelling of the title and he says it right. 

6. pain

pain goes back to the hard hitting sounds from earlier on in the album and also bring Yuusuke and HALCA to sing together and oddly enough the harmonize pretty well.  The song sounds a little repetitive in sound in the verse but when it get further in the song gets way stronger and vocally better. 

7. 7.2

I was surely surprised to see that 7.2 opened up with an acoustic guitar.  It actually is present all of the song and Yuusuke is rapping in the song, so y’know this a pretty exciting song.  MEG and Kazuto (guitarists) should get a medal for the song as it’s so different and pretty good.  HALCA sings pretty fast in the chorus too….It isn’t new that females can sing fast, but I didn’t expect HALCA to deliver on this.

8. hate

For a song that’s called hate…I was expecting something a little bit like “XYZ”.  The song does feel a smidge lighter and HALCA once again gets really good at her vocal work with the group.  The song itself sounds like it would’ve fit rather well on “Gou on PROGRESSIVE”.  It might just be me.  Besides HALCA, the song is a harder sounding HandMC track and it might be my least favorite of the new tracks, but it’s still good.

9. living

I’m not sure why but living has a pretty sweet opening of pounding drums and loud guitar.  HALCA is doing a great job still, though Yuusuke is kind of bothersome with his screaming and growling that it kind of takes my mind out of focus.  It might be my least favorite song now…I can’t blame anyone but Yuusuke’s off the wall screaming this time around.  Though the guitar solo is shweeet.

10. you

Rounding off the album, you is a bit slower than the previous tracks and has a pretty strong sound to it.  Yuusuke is singing again and he sounds a lot better than he did in the last album.  HALCA finally has her second slip-up in the album and it’s the fact her high notes are particularly thin here.  She’s still in tune, but still…way thin.  Not too bad as a finisher.

Tracks Recommended

  • fly me to the other moon
  • XYZ
  • eyes
  • 7.2

Song of Avoidance

  • living

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR went through some hard times before releasing the album.  I mean they did release “BEEEEEEST” which left a few people thinking why they’d do it, but then we learned that Maaki left the group to basically become a housewife.  Then SONY dropped them which basically said they were gonna break-up or move on and they moved on to SPICE records and got HALCA.  HALCA really showed that she can replace Maaki and build upon that because vocally, I prefer HALCA to Maaki.  swamp man does take risks and I loved that they did and they also did what they did best and that’s rock tracks.  I might like the direction they’re going and I like this album maybe a smidge more than “ROCK PIT”…..even though there were a few meh tracks, this album is great.


13 Responses to “HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – swamp man”

  1. me Says:

    “9. living
    I can’t blame anyone but Yuusuke’s off the wall screaming this time around.”

    well some people like screamo, I’m geting more curious about this album now, still thanks for the review.

    I love the song “good bye” rooooooooocks 😉

  2. animerules! Says:

    my favorite tracks are

    fly me to the other moon
    good bye
    & 7.2

  3. Ty_Sylicus Says:

    Ironically, “living” is one of my favorite songs to play when I’m feeling hurt or angry. Hearing my man Yuusuke scream it out really makes me feel better. It’s almost like he’s screaming at the world in my place b/c I cannot do so. I love Yuusuke that screams. Balance that with the flowery yet dark and powerful vocals and HALCA, and I feel the new HAIKARA is magic.

  4. Ty_Sylicus Says:

    PS. I did read your review in full, and I love the way you laid it all down. I can agree with everything that you said (save for “living”) and can tell you’re a fan. I’m actually really happy to see a review for this album, as not to many people have done one.

    swamp man is a shining example of HAIKARA’s will to survive. They returned to their roots while mixing things up to create a very exciting album. I liked / loved every song on this album. It’s a very solid first chapter to the future of the band.

    I’m sure you’ve heard RED by now as well. The band sounds SO DARN GREAT. It’s no wonder I absolutely love them like no other band in the world.

    Thank you for being a fan, and for writing this. You’ve brightened my day. Now to pull out my swamp man CD…

  5. Murcielaga Says:

    absolutely loved the album. i hate how people say this sucks because it’s not maki. that is so annoying to me but whatever their opinion. HALCA is awesome i loved there songs on the album so awesome their sound and their vocals were just so good and they even sound awesome playing these songs live. HALCA sounds really good live too and better than maki in live performances. oh and red is also an awesome song sounds very cool. wish i could go see them… Go High and Mighty Color!!

    • Ty_Sylicus Says:

      You’re right about that. HALCA live is impressive compared to Maki.

      I loved Maki for years but, now it’s time to let her go and embrace the HALCA and MIGHTY COLOR (haha).

  6. ruka Says:

    During everyone startes to looking forward HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR with HALCA, H&MC decided to disband. What a waste, such an exotic band like this, we won’t found any great band with twin superior vocal.

    • solarblade Says:

      Exactly….maybe one day we’ll see them back together hopefully

      • ruka Says:

        Well, SASSY’s now some kinda gonna colaborating w/16 years old singer Kylee Saunders (she’s my age and her mother is a Japanese that’s totally not same w/me). I’m gonna “take-a-ride” to the world of Kylee (which her genre does not suit me at all). To solarblade, I hope too… Hu hu. Everybody wanna disband.

      • solarblade Says:

        I think SASSY is just playing in the performance band for Kylee right now…I actually like her English stuff than her JPN stuff right now. Iono maybe he’ll do something pretty cool for her.

  7. Ty_Sylicus Says:

    Any news on what the band members are up to?

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