Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  2. Yeah! Be my own love
  4. LOVE AUTOMATIC (Karaoke)


Oh I see, this song is supposed to sound sexy right?  LOVE AUTOMATIC actually sounds pretty cool even though it is 6 girls trying to sing together. There’s actually a lady in the group that raps….maybe 2?  I’m not sure why but this song is easy to dance to and even though they sometimes don’t harmonize right, they managed to keep the song afloat with a nice beat and slick arrangement.

2. Yeah! Be my own love

The first B-side keeps the dance sound alive by acting more of a disco track and it continues to show the gals energy through the song and I quite like it a lot.  I just love the arrangement here as well being full and quite cool.  I love in the second set of verses they stop the music quickly and continue on.  Loving the energy.


Which brings us to our final B-side which has a stronger electronica and disco style.  I thought right from the start this was the best and strongest track from the girls.  It first starts with a really cool bass synth line and once of the girls is under auto-tune and she sounds quite awesome under it as well.  Pretty damn awesome track and made me an instant fan.



Ok, you guys are probably wondering who CASSIS is right?  Well, they were a 6-nin group when this single came out.  After their 2nd single, they got dropped/transferred to UNIVERSAL-J to which they also lost one of the members and changed names to sherry.  LOVE AUTOMATIC was surprisingly a pretty cool single.  All three tracks were danceable and different in their own ways….Damn, if people would’ve heard this I bet they would be loving it today.


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