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Yuki Suzuki – Aka no Kakera October 2, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Aka no Kakera
  2. Signal
  3. Aka no Kakera (instrumental)
  4. Signal (instrumental)

1. Aka no Kakera

 Wow, Aka no Kakera has a great opening for sure with its synth overdrive mixed with guitars and piano.  It sounds like something Nami Tamaki-ish but then we listen Yuki’s vocals and I’m shocked at how strong it is within the song.  It’s deep and she can hit notes with some power.  It does however have a strong anime-theme to it and of course since it’s the opening theme for 07-GHOST.  Strong A-side for sure.

2. Signal

The b-side also follows suit, but this time is more towards the darker rock side of things and it works for me.  It reminds me of Yuka Kagiyama’s debut because of the edgy dark sound, but I think Yuki won me over with her vocals here and they are amazingly powerful here.  She does get muffled up in the second verse and that added a little bit of creepiness too.  The chorus was shweet though with the yelling and Yuki singing under those BKGD vocals…I thought it was an awesome B-side



Wow, I am definitely keeping tabs on Yuki.  Being one of the gals from YeLLOW Generation, I think Yuki is going to have a strong career if she continues being a solo artist.  Aka no Kakera and Signal proved to me she’s a suitable singer and strong anime tie-ins works for her.  I can’t wait to see more from Yuki *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “Yuki Suzuki – Aka no Kakera”

  1. zotasansai Says:

    this is not the Yuki Suzuki bikini model! thought it was the same gal

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