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Yuna Ito – Let it Go November 10, 2009

Filed under: Yuna Ito — solarblade @ 8:54 pm


Track Listing

  1. Let it Go
  2. Happy Days
  3. Let it Go (instrumental)
  4. Happy Days (instrumental)

1. Let it Go

I didn’t expect Yuna Ito’s new A-side to be so free-sounding as it is here.  Let it Go does sound like western mainstream music, but that’s not a bad thing.  Yuna’s vocals are strong, but not like “Koi wa groovyx2”.  I hear a little bit of folk here too, but it sounds fresh from her as well.  Not a bad A-side to start off a new era.

2. Happy Days

Unfortunately, the B-side comes off as a little dry when compared to other songs.  It still carries that western feel like “Let it Go”, but it seems to be a little calmer and the song is a little more condenscending and happy which is nice and the addition of the strings/synth solo was a nice touch but beyond that I couldn’t find enough redeeming qualities.



Wow, it has been a while since “DREAM” was released huh?  Well, Let it Go was a nice single to start the new era.  It also seems like Yuna is wanting to even out and get more upbeat songs when compared to ballads.  It’s alright, but right now it just seems like an average release.


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