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Seira Kagami – roundabout/Kokoro ni Colorful November 13, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. roundabout
  2. Kokoro ni Colorful
  3. FLOW

1. roundabout

Seems we’ve got a winter tune in roundabout.  Also, it’s a rather typical sounding to me.  At least Seira’s vocals are pretty nice given the lackluster arrangement.  Though sometimes she can drag the song into boredom because her vocals don’t really go anywhere and most of the time she’s borderlining yelling here.  I’m not too big of a fan for this song.

2. Kokoro ni Colorful

The other A-side though made up for “roundabout” because it seems more way out of her league.  The mixture of acoustically driven guitars and bubbly inserts gave the song an unusual pop sound to it.  I might actually like this a lot given enough time for me to relisten to it again.  Why, does it sound so western at different points? LOL


FLOW though was the real surprise of the single.  Instead of being exciting like all her previous songs, FLOW chills Seira down and gives us an acoustic ballad.  I’ll admit that Seira vocals really sound the best under these circumstances and with how smooth and nice it is, this is hands down the best song off the single.  Great song.



Seira 2nd single is a little bit better than her debut if it wasn’t for roundabout’s terrible way of singing.  Still there’s charm in this single with Kokoro ni Colorful and FLOW being the big hitters here.  Sadly, this also marks as a departure for Seira because from here on out her genre will change, but I think it’s for the better.


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