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Best-of Albums, Remix, etc., Jan. to June November 25, 2009

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So while it’s close to the end of the year, I thought I’d go through and review the albums that I didn’t do this year, starting chronologically of course


Tommy february6 – Strawberry Cream Soda Pop “Daydream”

Well, the first best-of on my site was the simultaneous release of Tomoko’s solo projects.  The first is Tommy February6’s best-of album which featured all the singles “EVERYDAY AT THE BUS STOP” to “♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥”.  After that there’s a hodge-podge of album tracks included which is strange because some of them would have not made it on IMO…where’s “ThE RoSe fraGranCe”?.  Anyways, at the end of the album, there’s a brand spanking new track which is aptly titled “◯Strawberry●Cream◯Soda●Pop◯”.  I honestly wanted more new material since Tf6 has been off the radar for a long time, so I was disappointed in the fact there was one new song.  Still it was a pretty awesome collection and the DVD with all the singles PV’s and the new tracks would make this a good buy.  BTW, why is “T.O.M.M.Y.” even on here?

Tommy Heavenly6 – Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness “Nightmare”


On the other side of Tomoko’s releases this actually wasn’t the final release for Th6 (remember I KILL MY HEART? *shudders*).  Anyway, this best of was dressed just like Strawberrys, y’know singles, then album tracks and then the new track “Unlimited Sky”.  I actually enjoyed this tracklist a lot more since I liked most of them to begin with, but once again more new material would’ve been nice, but at least “PAPERMOON” was released a little before, so we knew she wasn’t dead.


AAA – AAA REMIX ~non-stop all singles~

Not soon after they released their 4th studio album, “depArture”, they decided to release this heavy release out to the fans.  Yes, it’s a remix album, but one that’s continuous through all the tracks.  While it does feature 27 tracks…it doesn’t feature all of their singles *how evil, avex*.  It doesn’t include “Climax Jump” or “Izayuke Wakataka Gundan 2007”.  While I mostly don’t enjoy remix albums, I liked the idea of linking all the tracks together.

Mika Nakashima – NO MORE RULES.

After “VOICE” Mika announced something…while we spent the rest of 2008 trying to figure out what the hell she was releasing, NO MORE RULES. turned out to be a compilation of the songs Mika sang for KANEBO (makeup company).  Honestly, since the tracklist is chronological with the exception of albums lone new song, “GAME” it feels more like a best-of.  It’s a pretty good collection of songs, and would make a good album to start with Mika.


Before the mess of releasing a bajillion singles started happening, Gackt quietly released this little ditty between “GHOST” and “Journey through the Decade”.  Now, it seems that this release was just only sold at the places that had the pachinko game.  A good portion of the songs were rearranged to fit the game better but songs like “Jesus” were kept the same.  Also, it features a new song from Gackt called “Kagerou”.  Interesting release, but damn it wasn’t really talked about alot.

Anna Tsuchiya – xxxRemixxxxxxx!!!!!!! SHOW!

Next we have Anna releasing this remix album.  While I didn’t download the album, I know that while it mostly new remixes for the songs that were from “NUDY SHOW!”, they snuck in some old ones too like “BUBBLE TRIP’s”, “Crazy World’s”, and “Virgin Cat’s”.  Besides that, everything else is new stuff. 


Coming out a little before BoA’s American debut, BEST & USA was basically meant to promote this album clearly.  Now the first thing to look at was the BEST part of this release.  The tracklist is all over the place, but it does feature all the A-sides from “OUTGROW’s” era to the “Eien” single.  Though it’s missing some secondary A-sides, and since Vivid didn’t have an A-side period, “Sparkling” was put in.  There was also new version of both “Meri Kuri” and “VALENTI” but they ended up both falling flat when compared to its original.  Now the USA is obviously what it is, her debut album, I’ve already reviewed that so I won’t talk about it xD

Sowelu – Sowelu THE BEST 2002-2009

Sowelu’s final release under SONY, her best-of comes in two CDs!  The first of the two has all the songs chronologically placed from her debut single, “across my heart” to “Shiawase no Chikara”.  Not that any of them were really that amazing to begin with (exception being “glisten”).  The second of the disc continues her discography to “Wish”.  Then things start getting wonky when she puts in all the songs she’s covered for the majority of the second before rounding out with her final single, “MATERIAL WORLD” & new song “AINOTE”.  It’s good for the Sowelu fans because it features all the PV’s she’s done up to “MATERIAL WORLD” plus more. 

Koda Kumi – Out Works & Collaborations Best

While this album was supposed to have been released last year, but due to Kuu’s big mouth about amniotic fluids the idea was postponed until after “TRICK” was released.  By the title, it features most if not all the collaborations Kuu did in her career and has the digital single “Get It On”.  It’s a wacky collection of songs and most of them weren’t that good to begin with.  I mean “It’s a small world”….really? 

Koda Kumi – Driving Hit’s

A Kuu remix album too?  Jeeze, girl has been releasing a lot in early 2009.  Now Driving Hit’s I guess has a concept and supposedly would fit for drivers.  The entire album actually has a bunch of new remixes.  There’s only a few old remixes, mostly from the last two eras that came before this.  Strangely enough as well, the first and last tracks weren’t remixed at all.  “Lady Go!” and “Driving” would be song I probably wouldn’t have remixed anyway.


While I wouldn’t call it a “total” best-of, this actual box-set collection of Takanori & Daisuke’s first 11 singles.  Basically “Dokusai -monopolize-” to “WILD RUSH”.  Another quiet release, but it does mean 320 capabilities right?



Before going on hiatus to deal with his new daughter that popped out of melody. vajayjay, miyavi released his best-of album which chronicles through his major label debut to his last single of his last album.  While there’s nothing new here.  Probably one of the meh, best-ofs of the year.



Here’s the all the bests released in the first half of 2009.  I’ll do the second half when the covers for a few of them appear.  Let me tell ya, it’s a big amount as well LOL


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