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Akiko Hasegawa – LEVEL∞ December 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. LEVEL∞ (FAMISON 8BIT ver.)
  2. XXX
  3. LEVEL∞ (Disillusion ver.)
  4. LEVEL∞ (Instrumental)
  5. XXX (Instrumental)
  6. LEVEL∞ (Field ver.)


When I saw the title of FAMISON on tagged on, I was worried that it was going to be really horrible, but luckily Akiko didn’t get her vocals messed around with and the pace of the song is very fast.  If you can handle the arrangement, the song is pretty cool and at points can make a great song altogether.  Very interesting altogether and one of the weirdest good songs of the year.

2. XXX

The singles B-side is really heavy in the electronica force.  It starts out with a gritty synth line that repeats over and over…kind of like a club mix and you hear Akiko saying ~x, x, x~ in the background.  Sadly, when she comes in, things really get bad for me.  Her voice is really chipmunky and would make Yui S. blush.  It really sounds like a 7 year old is singing, but I do like when Akiko says ~ekkusu~…Still, the song is going to take a while to get stuck in my head.

3. LEVEL∞ (Disillusion ver.)

Yeesh, 7 minutes?  It seems that this is just a eurobeat mix of the song.  I’m not sure why, but this time Akiko’s vocals are heavily covered in echo properties and the music takes over.  I take the back, the song is more of trance…after a while she does come in fully, but this remix isn’t totally going anywhere and just seem to drag the song a bit.

4. LEVEL∞ (Field ver.)

I really don’t understand the need, but this is more like an instrumental of LEVEL∞ (FAMISON 8BIT ver.).  The way it’s played out though is like the music is out on the field exploring and stuff.  It’s kind of fitting in a way, since it plays the melody of the song entirely.  After a while it fully goes into the instrumental of the song and you hear attacks happening like you were playing a game…it’s so damn funny and cool at the same time.  Then you hear a winning theme and it goes back out into the field music and back and forth, it’s weird and strange and yet awesome.  Once it ends Akiko pops up and talks about the song or something along those lines…



While it’s really rare to see an artist debut with an 8bit song, Akiko Hasegawa did right with it.  It’s energetic and fun and can hold its own even better than YMCK.  XXX, was a little strange with the seiyuu vocals going on, but the music was great.  I hope she releases more as time goes on


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