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GACKT – Setsugekka -The end of silence-/ZAN December 6, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Setsugekka -The end of silence-
  2. ZAN
  3. Setsugekka -The end of silence- (Instrumental)
  4. ZAN (Instrumental)

1. Setsugekka -The end of silence-

I know GACKT has his good and bad in ballads and recently he’s not been doing so hot.  Setsugekka is luckily not one of the bad ones this time around.  His voice fits nicely in the sparse arrangement and since it’s soft and has the epic touch, I’d have to say it’s quite cool.  The chorus though is loud and powerful.  The only problem is that the song is long.  At almost 7 minutes in length, it makes me wonder how can someone keep themselves paying attention.

2. ZAN

However, ZAN is a little shorter like 5 minutes long.  If you were a big fan of “RETURNER ~Yami no Shuuen~” & “Jesus” this is your song.  It feels like an epic mix of both.  There’s just so much going on in this song.  There’s a lot of epic parts here and whenever the shakuhachi returns, it’s just the icing on the cake that brings the song altogether.  Definitely one of the more edgier songs that was released this year and I like it.



Since I guess this is the first single of the new era, Setsugekka -The end of silence-/ZAN is a great way to kick things off after such a long era on “RE:BORN”.  Setsugekka is a really nice ballad despite the length of the song.  ZAN though was just epic, I haven’t heard GACKT being epic since…….”GHOST”.  Still great single ^_^