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abingdon boys school – From Dusk Till Dawn December 15, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

1. From Dusk Till Dawn

While “Kimi no Uta” was the somewhat ballad/rock tune, From Dusk Till Dawn is the actual ballad of the era.  It’s one of their more interesting songs because it borrows the awesomeness of “Nephilim” and it feels jsut as grand and epic as said song.  Takanori sounds great in the song as well and not overblowing his vocals like he usually does hahah.  Great song overall



Honestly though they could’ve kept this song under wraps before releasing “ABINGDON ROAD” because this single doesn’t look right.  All of a.b.s.’s releases before this had the main A-side and an English-only B-side, this just only has FDTD.  Maybe it was just a last minute decision, but c’mon you could’ve put something else here to tie us over till the album’s release…


One Response to “abingdon boys school – From Dusk Till Dawn”

  1. YaoiRox666 Says:

    As much as I love this song, I agree how they should have kept it under wraps till the album. I mean, the single looks so empty without at least a B-side. I know they made a PV for it, but they should have kept it as just that. *.*

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