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cosmeticROBOT – Metallic Doll December 15, 2009

Filed under: cosmeticROBOT — solarblade @ 12:34 pm

Track Listing

  1. Metallic Doll
  2. Stamina Girl!
  3. LOVE Connection

1. Metallic Doll

Ok, so Metallic Doll is a first for the group because it’s the actual first time the girls delved into releasing a PV (albeit boring).  It’s great to hear the girls actually go back to the electro sound instead of a full-on idol track like the last single was.  Even better is that the girls are becoming more easier to tell apart and they all have solo lines which is great.  I’m liking this track maybe a little more than “Serial Number 99”, but that’s cuz this actually clearer to listen to than SN99.



*Will do the B-sides when they leak or something*.  Metallic Doll just based on the A-side sounds like the girls are getting better as a group and starting to work the kinks out.  I really like their electro music more than their idol stuff and I’m cringing a little that the B-sides might be idol-like…hmmm we’ll see where this is going…I hope they at least release an album…


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