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Best of 2009: Debutees and Disbandments! December 17, 2009

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I’m surprised at all the things that happened this yeah, but the most intriguing is the fact that there were so many people who debuted this year.  Not as much disbandments but damn we should go through them huh?


Yep January was a good year to show off new faces and even some recognizable ones


Beginning the year off, Minami Kizuki is the first artist to debut this year with “Ai Tsumugi”.  Since then she’s already released two more singles, “Dareka no Tame ni/Wasurenagusa” and “Shiroi Tsuki”, a digital single “Kaiki Nisshoku EP” and released her debut album with “Kana ~Itoshiki Hito yo~”.  Not much has been heard since her album since that was released in August, but I suspect new material sometime soon.

The second week of January, Ayaka Ikio debuted with her not-so-good mini-album, “RE: ACID QUEEN”.  She did release a HMV only release, but that was only filled with club edits of two songs off of said mini-album.  Since then she released her 2nd mini-album, “GOSSIP”.  It has been a while since she’s released new material, hope its not too long till we get news.

Finally, on the final week of the first month, We got 3 new artists/groups that debuted!  Let’s start off with the first.

Nana Nishino debuted in January with her debut single, “Open your eyes”.  While it seems she wasn’t too popular many people confused her with last years new artist, Kana Nishino.  Since then Nana has released “Break away” in May and “Heaven ~Itoshii Hito e~ in December.  Luckily that single marked her true entrance to the language since that’s the first.  Maybe an album is in order perhaps?

Next up is Watarirouka Hashiritai.  They were made as a revival group to Ushirogami Hikaritai.  Also known as that all four members are a part of AKB48 which deems this group to be a sub-group as well.  They debuted with the double A-side single, “Hatsukoi Dash/Aoi Mirai” and since then released “Yaruki Hanabi” and “Kanpeki Gu~none”.  While I don’t think this group will be permanent, they have been getting more recognizable

Last but not least, Naoya Urata debuted this year.  Everyone though knows him through his leadership of AAA and while the news of him getting a solo record were kind of obvious, I didn’t expect the album to sound as good as it did.  “TURN OVER” is well…his only release this year since AAA got back in the studio, but I hope to hear more from him


The only artist of mine to debut in February, Ayumi Sakai is another artist who’s music is rather based off of thing already released, but she really has a nice enough voice to get by.  She’s released 4 singles so far, “Kanashimi wo Itoshisa de”, “Yokogao, “STRONG BODY” (with twenty 4-7), and “KONAYUKI”.  She’s definitely needing an album release since these four singles were released this year.


March at least had two people debuting…good right?  Bentley Jones and Mari Yaguchi debuted on the same day 3/25


While Bentley Jones debuted this year his real name Lee Brotherton has been remixing and doing songs before ending up here.  With his first release cover album, “TRANS//LATION” it hasn’t been really a productive year.  That’s just because soon after the album he left EMI to start up his own label.  Since that announcement it seems we’re getting an E.P. in 2010 titled “so much more…”

As for our ex-Momosu member, Marippe only released one thing this year and that would be her lone debut single, “Seishun Boku/Seishun Ore” where the latter song is just Airband so basically Mari released one song this year.  It’s really disappointing to not hear more music, but she does have a TV career so who knows.


Another month where there was really three debutees, it’s really nice to see more artists just pop in whenever XD



Meisa Kuroki is one of those actresses turned singer chicks so I wasn’t too lenient on her, but she’s kind of got her own groove going and she did pretty well with “hellcat”, her debut mini-album.  Since then she’s released “SHOCK -Unmei-“.  She’s even got another mini-album slated for New Year’s Day titled “ATTITUDE” and so far by the promotional PV for “Are ya ready?” she’s really showing that off!

MOSH UNDER THE SUN is still pretty much missed by a lot of people.  For being a male rock group that mixes electronica into their music, I found it quite intriguing and with “DANCE UNDER THE DISCO” I could see more stuff released by them…let’s hope 2010 is better.

sherry also debuted this year.  Very strange way to debut since they were previously known as CASSIS beforehand.  Only releasing their debut single “Romantic Ageru yo” (which is a cover, mind you).  I did wish they would’ve released a bit more this year.

The idea for sphere was definitely one that made me go ew for sure and that was having four seiyuus joining together to be a group.  Oddly enough their debut single, “Future Stream” caught me off guard and is one of the best releases.  They went on to release “Super Noisy Nova” and “Kaze wo Atsumete/Brave my heart” before releasing their first album “A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E.” next week.  Busy busy for the girls!


May doesn’t feel like a month that should have debuters, but lookee here, we have had three this year!



On the first week of May, SATSUKI of RENTRER EN SOI fame returns to music by releasing his first solo single, AWAKE.  Now since then he’s released his second single “CRYSTAL” I feel that he’s prolly taking a break since y’know he kind of jumped back into music after the band’s disbandment last year.

At the end of the month H!P let their new group Guardians 4 debuted with “Omakase♪Guardian”.  It seems like the group isn’t a permanent one since this group was basing off of an anime and having  Aika from Momosu, Saki from °C-ute, and Risako and Yurina from Berryz Koubou, you know things are just looking weird.  They also seem to release with Shugo Chara Egg! since they do their own version of G4’s songs.  Besides the debut, the group has released “School Days” and “PARTY TIME” and will be releasing their 4th single “GOING ON! in 2010.

Oh HIMEKA, you are one crazy lady.  After winning a performance thingie earlier in the year, SONY finally let her debut with “Asu e no Kizuna” and shockingly it’s pretty good.  After that and the announcement of “Hatenaki Michi”, HIMEKA started going a little emo on us because she can’t handle performing and she forgot her lines…maybe after a little more time performing she’ll get use to it, but damn good songs she’s actually released.


Whoohoo the beginning of summer and new artists galore xD


H!P really liked debuting new groups quickly eh?  S/mileage interestingly started out as an indies group with debut “aMa no Jaku” and then released that single with the long name “Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai” and rounding out the year with “Suki-chan”.  Other than that the biggest news to come from the group is that next year they will debut under a major label so that might be interesting

I guess since we’re on H!P, I guess we have to talk about Ai Kago’s debut as well.  Even though she isn’t a part of  that company anymore, she’s had trouble since then and its great she sorted all that out and released “no hesitAtIon” in the process.  Now I’m not sure if she’ll release more singles, but I hope so cause she kind of reminds me of Ai Otsuka XD

It’s “sad to say” that JASMINE didn’t release more singles this year.  I’m really liking her music and even though she’s definitely a cosplayer since both her covers for “sad to say” and “No More” really don’t make sense and yet she wears both in their PV’s respectively.  Interesting career so far, I can’t wait for new releases.

However, Yuka Kagiyama’s career is rather diminished when compared to other artists.  Only thing she released was “Love Player” but that’s it…no new news from the girl since her debut.  To think, that avex is ditching her because she’s got a really powerful voice…they really need to get her moving!!!


I guess July is the month of WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY debutees


Saihuun is still unknown to everyone and the mothers because none of the members were announced besides all 5 guys from AAA.  We do know at least where they come from and we got some from Japan and some from Taiwan.  Still that doesn’t cut it, I wanna know who’s who and “Break your name” didn’t answer anything.  Ok, their debut song was really awesome though…hmmm better get some news next year

Ex-YeLLOW Generation member, Yuki Suzuki debuted with “Aka no Kakera and since then has been just as quiet as both Saihuun and Yuka Kagiyama.  Damn, why do artists debut and just simply disappear?


August might’ve been a slow month but we still got debutees


While most people would know Akiko Hasegawa as a seiyuu, quietly she debuted with “LEVEL∞”  At least we know she’s a seiyuu from this single noooow…Even better was that the single was 8bit.  Nothing new announced from her yet, but maybe we’ll see something soon.

Momoiro Clover is having a very fast year.  Debuting with “Momoiro Punch”, the girls have been steadily increasing their fanbase since their debut and even has landed on cdjapan’s front page.  They also released “Mirai e Susume!” in November so we’ll wait and see if they’ll prove to be a big force.


The only debut for my site in September, High Speed Boyz is kind of refreshing after all the women I added this year.  Fronted by Jin who also produces GReeeeN’s music as well.  They debuted this year with “CHILDHOOD’S END” and then released two more singles in “LONELY NIGHT” & “Kanaetai Yume ga Aru ~4EVER BOYZ AND GIRLZ SPIRIT~”.  For being new, they sure release fast!


Weird that this year, October seems to be really the  electro month…

AMWE was the first electro artist to really stand out this year.  With “I AM AMWE” being her first release I’m hoping to hear more from her and her self-productions.  Could we have a female Nakata on our hands?

Ok, so if you don’t know who Mizca is let me remind you.  Mizca is Masami Mitsuoka’s new project since she went electro.  Though the only release was the digital single, “Robotics”, she’s got her debut single coming out next year titled “Kira Kira☆”  Let’s see if this new side will be better than her Ayu-ish stuff.


Wait, there’s no one that debuted in November?  Jeeze, well Team Dekaris rounds out the year with “Koi no Dekaris” their first album and while it’s for a game fronted by SEGA, Team Dekaris might be interesting.

Other People Who Debuted This Year

  • Maria – April
  • Juliet – August
  • lela – October
  • mai – November
  • ICONIQ – December


Yep, it seems we’ve gotten some disbandments here as well R.I.P XD

  • MilkyWay: Why?  The anime the girls were utilizing for a certain anime and that ended and if that wasn’t enough of a reason, Koharu graduated and left H!P which would’ve left Yuu and Sayaka to fend on their own and both are Hello! Pro Eggs…
  • portable: Why?  Well, their main site has shutdown and they never updated their myspace…last time they were on was December of last year
  • Karen Girl’s: Why?  Never fully explained, but I’m guessing it was just because of failing sales and not enough exposure from the anime tie-ins they had
  • 80_pan: Why?  Once again probably not enough sales to hold the duo together for long…then again they were the longest group to stay on D-TOPIA so I guess it was their time.
  • Nichika: Why?  Not enough information was told about this, but I’m guessing it’s their sales that brought them down despite the good music they’ve released in their careers.  Maybe more will be known once we figure it out.
  • U-ka saegusa IN db: Why? Well, it seems lead singer, Yuuka Saegusa wanted to make it her final time as a group and in the music industry.  They have had a pretty big career though so I can’t help but say I agree XD. 
  • Naifu: Why? Well even though both U-ka and Naifu are in GIZA, Naifu’s disbandment came as a shocker since they were selling really well, despite what company they belong to.  I can just wonder why after a short career that looked great for them, they just split fast.
  • SIVA: Why? Well, it’s a visual-kei band…I’m guessing the lost interest in the group and the departure of guitarist Iori must’ve affected the band enough to call it quits.