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D – Day by Day December 18, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Day by Day
  2. Ayakashikitan
  3. Stinger ~Iwarenaki Jounen~ (Type B only)
  4. Kimi ga Miru Yume no Naka (Type C only)
  5. Day by Day (Voiceless)

1. Day by Day

It seems to me that Day by Day is actually their first upbeat, and slightly happier song released by the group.  It’s great that they are broadening their music like this and I actually like it despite the weird way ASAGI sings the title.  It’s still pretty damn catchy and the guitar solo was awesome nonetheless.  One of the better rock songs released this year IMO

2. Ayakashikitan

Now here’s some old-fashioned D.  Ayakashikitan is quite a furious tune with angry guitar riffs and hard pounding drums and ASAGI’s darker vocals.  Let’s just say this song is pretty much like death metal and it’s definitely a farcry against “Day by Day”.  In all honesty, this song is a whole lot more better than the A-side by a far shot.

3. Stinger ~Iwarenaki Jounen~

Found only on Type B, Stinger seems to be the medium between the previous two tracks.  It’s not gothic rock and it’s not happy rock, just normal D rock.  I really like the guitar riffs in the song and ASAGI and the backup grunters sound great and in full force.  It might not be a memorable song, but it’s pretty sweet.

4. Kimi ga Miru Yume no Naka

The final track and found only on Type C’s version, Kimi ga Miru Yume no Naka is like “Day by Day” by the fact the song is upbeat and a little more poppish than their previous songs.  It isn’t half bad actually and could be the best song off the single.  It might not be typical D, but their experimentation makes sense and it works for them.  The little amount of synths they added here really helped as well.  Awesome song.



As it seems this is the final single before they release their 2nd major label album, Day by Day is quite a better than “Tightrope”.  While Day by Day was a shocker being all happy rock, still good though.  Ayakashikitan and Kimi ga Miru Yume no Naka were really awesome songs though and showed awesomeness.  Stinger though might have been a little typical to what the band’s been releasing, but it’s not bad either.