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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – XYZ December 24, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. XYZ

1. XYZ

Yeah, I had to go back to review this.  If there was something to make me drop my jaw and question my liking to the group, this solidified that HandMC is just amazing when they take a break and return.  The guitars are very furious and Yuusuke is up to his normal angsty screaming which always adds a new side to their music.  This time however, we have a new singer in the band’s lineup and that would be HALCA, or I like to call her Maaki pt.2 because she sounds exactly like her.  Powerful song from the group for sure and it ranks up there with “PRIDE” and their other big hitters.



Yeah, I know I’m going back in time to review this single and I’m probably not going to review “good bye” simply because it sucks XD.  XYZ was a great return to music, even though the band was pushed into Spice Records.  SONY definitely are getting more dumber with each group they kick out…


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