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Utada – Dirty Desire December 27, 2009

Filed under: Utada Hikaru — solarblade @ 8:12 am

Track Listing

  1. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)
  2. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
  3. Dirty Desire (Razor N’ Guido Radio Edit)
  4. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Club Mix)
  5. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Club Mix)
  6. Dirty Desire (Razor N’ Guido Main Mix)
  7. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Dub Mix)
  8. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Dub)
  9. Dirty Desire (Razor N’ Guido DUHB)

1. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)

He’s definitely no stranger to American releases, but Mike Rizzo gets his remixes right and of course Hikki’s Dirty Desire is a part of that list.  Changing to already danceish original, the remix gives it a harder electronica vibe and Hikki’s vocals are a little bit filtered, but honestly it kind of fits. 

2. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Radio Edit)

Ok, the start of this remix is already different enough to make it seperate from the last song, but sadly the melody of the remix feels rather empty and rather plain.  I did like how they incorporated the talking parts of the song to seperate the verses.  It is however, the shortest radio edit off the single.

3. Dirty Desire (Razor n’ Guido Radio Edit)

The 3rd main remix off the single, Razor N’ Guido instead begins the remix with a short snippet of the talking part before leading into the first verse.  If it wasn’t for the radio edit telling me, I thought this would be the club mix since it feels so much like one.

American singles never really impress me and even here on Dirty Desire nothing really pops out at me.  Nice remixes, yes, but might as well be forgotton, since usually most J-pop fans don’t go to these kind of singles.


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