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RIZE – Pink Spider December 28, 2009

Filed under: RIZE — solarblade @ 12:07 pm

Track Listing

  1. Pink Spider
  2. GHOST
  3. Why I’m Me “The Reason Why I’m Me”

1. Pink Spider

Yeah, most people would recognize this track as a cover of hide’s original track and yeah since it was his kind of suicide song, Pink Spider has gained a notorious amount of interest, hence RIZE’s try to cover it.  Anyways knowing RIZE’s past stuff, there cover is definitely them since it’s edgy punk-rock.  I really love JESSE’s voice for some reason because it’s got that flair and personality that seems to be missing.  As much as people dislike this because it’s not hide’s, RIZE’s isn’t too bad and the energy is just off the wall and epic. 


The first B-side off the single, GHOST to me feels like a ska song since it’s more laidback and relaxed when compared to “Pink Spider”.  We also get to see JESSE do his rapping here as well and it’s pretty impressive and I like that the chorus is in English at least and it’s catchy as well. 

3. Why I’m Me “The Reason Why I’m Me”

The other B-side though returns to the hard rock seen in the A-side.  It’s actually a lot more harder hitting as well since it’s got more guitars and mixes in with JESSE’s rapping as well making it a formittable tune.  It’s definitely a rush to listen to and it’s great.



Pink Spider marks the return of the band since they went on a hiatus for about 4 years before returning with this single.  Pink Spider welcomes us back into RIZE’s hard-hitting sounds and I really like it.  I might not have heard the stuff before this, but I’m guessing the break did em’ good since this single rocks hard! 


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