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BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part One: A-sides!! December 31, 2009

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Yeah, how amazing!  So anywho, I’ll be obviously going through the best and worst of the singles this year (at least the ones I was able to listen to this year)


A-sides that were so close but no cigar xD

Yes, these five almost made the list, but the other 10 just came out so much better, but Love player, Sparkle, GHOST, Synchronize, and Kaerimichi wo Nakushite were definitely great songs by their respective artists, NOW LET’S GET DOWN TO IT!

10. GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity

Surprisingly, GND had a much better year with their singles than their debut era.  Still, they are somewhat stuck in a rut because of their producer which is unfortunate.  However, that rut was a special case with Infinity.  Released in June, Infinity blasted on the scene quite awesomely with catchy lyrics, awesome lead in the chorus with the chanting of WHOA WHOA! and of course the PV where colors were everywhere.

9. alan – Gunjou no Tani

While last year when we were bombarded by news that alan was going to release 3 more singles in 2009 it really bummed people out.  It turned out that Gunjou no Tani and Kuon no Kawa would turn out to be singles in different eras and Liberty was just an album track.  Gunjou no Tani was definitely a step in the right direction because it was produced by Cocco who’s also a well-known J-pop artist.  I loved the entire song and even though alan’s vocals weren’t like OMG blessing, it still made the song epic in many ways.

8. Namie Amuro – Dr.

It was hard trying to decide whether to include WILD, the furious dance song that still pounds in my head or Dr. the more intricate tune and in the end I chose Dr.  I used to hate this song like wildfire because of the whole weirdness of the chorus (or at least that’s what I think it is).  Anyways, after time the song got really awesome and the march chorus was exciting and added a boost the song needed and gave it more importance.  Even the PV was pretty exciting!

7. AAA – Break Down

I guess since “WILD” isn’t on the list, the other hyperactive dance track to really blow me away was AAA’s return after their rather disappointing 4th album.  Break Down is totally not what they usually release, it’s basically trance/techno/dance all of the above and what came out of it was a very energetic tune.  The overflow of beats and synths just made me happy.

6. UVERworld – GO-ON

Yes, UVERworld was definitely on a roll this year after AwakEVE.  GO-ON is just really surprising and brought the group such a new harder and more epic sound with GO-ON.  I love the synthy opening to the song before rushing in with TAKUYA and the rest of the group hitting the ground running with this tune.  ~BOOM, BOOM, BOOM~ is ever so awesome!

5. Aira Mitsuki – Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS

Aira has definitely not been making the most memorable music this year, but oddly enough she pulled off another shiner with Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS released in January.  I really love the fact that it sounds so different from other songs she’s done.  Even the groovy sound is ubertastic here and her sort of pseudo-rapping/singing here is fun to listen to.  Oh yea, I CALLED THE SONG’S MEANING BEFORE IT CAME OUT, BOO FRIGGIN YA!

4. angela – Spiral

I loved Spiral right from first listen.  There was just something about the song that just kicked so much ass.  It could’ve been from KATSU’s awesome arrangement down to atsuko’s expressive vocals, but altogether, Spiral was just an electrifying experience.

3. POLYSICS – Shout Aloud!

Same issue applies here.  The energy of Shout Aloud! is just WHOAAAA!  If you’re a big POLYSICS fan, this song would definitely surprise many fans because of its sheer energy.  All the members of the group play really well for something so demanding of them and it’s difficult to see KAYO leaving the group next year, but this was my favorite KAYO-filled POLYSICS song.

2. Stereopony – Namida no Mukou

Yep, I think most people will instantly know why Namida no Mukou is up here.  Like I said, I’ve never disliked a GUNDAM song so Namida no Mukou was instant love at first song.  It helps that the song has such a great flow to it and AIMI’s vocals are sharp and exciting.  E to the P to the I to the C!


Well, I know people will probably flame me for this, but MATERIAL WORLD was the best A-side that was released this year.  I mean while it didn’t score to well on ORICON…the song is just electronica goodness brought to us by Taku of m-flo fame.  There were just a lot of parts that sounded epic in the track (mostly in its arrangement and the bridges).  Way to go Sowelu, you’re not all bad just keep sticking with this sound with SON…..oh yeah she got transferred to avex’s rhythm zone….


THE A-SIDES that were lucky enough not to make the list!

For the amount of BAD a-sides, there were far more better A-sides which is definitely a plus from last year’s horror fest…I mean wow xD.  Anyways, Lacrimosa, daily-daily Dream, Mugen, SMILES, and Take It Easy! were rounding out the baddies this year.  Not all of these were real bad, just not more of the pleasurable A-sides.

NOW THE LIST *evil laugh*

10. AAA – Tabidachi no Uta

I cannot get into why I disliked this song.  I mean ok, it’s an AAA ballad which means more Nissy x Misato, but did we need Hidaka rapping in such a way that makes me want to punt a puppy?  This song wasn’t furthur on the list because it was fixed up in the [TW Departure Mix].  Not a bad ballad, but certainly tasteless with the Hidaka rap!

9. Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess

I was getting more and more into Momosu these last few years and then they had to send Koharu Kusumi off with this really raunchy song.  Kimagure Princess to me is the group’s perv single and it seems they have quite a few.  The thing that took me out was the vocals…they were off the charts bad and even Ai couldn’t save it from being a bomb!

8. Sayuri Sugawara – Kimi ga Iru Kara

As much as I was excited to see that a newcomer got to sing a FF song, Kimi ga Iru Kara kind of dashed my thoughts.  It’s way too simple and boring to really stand on its own and strangely enough it was the worst song on its respective single.  I’m not too impressed on Leona’s tune either…talk about being disappointed.

7. Mika Nakashima – CANDY GIRL

Oh boy, CANDY GIRL was a doozy to listen to this year.  Why, of all the people, did Mika follow the circus theme.  She just did not get this song right at all and even though it was an OK try in the arrangement, the overall repetitiveness of the song just killed any hopes.  It could be Mika’s worst A-side.

6. Rina Aiuchi – MAGIC

It’s tough when you are helplessly shoved with a single that sounds like the last one but even worse.  I was hoping MAGIC would go back into her synth-popness that filled out recently, but MAGIC was more like “STORY/SUMMER LIGHT” which was acoustic pop and I’m sorry when you repeat it and make it boring, you know you need to release a BEST-OF….oh, yeah she did XD

5. Aira Mitsuki – BARBiE BARBiE

Sorry to say, but Aira had both a great song and a bad one and BARBiE BARBiE was that song.  I’m not fully sure why I don’t like it so, but I always get bored with this and go back to “Robot Honey”.  Then again the similarities between the two are really high and goes in their own respective PV’s.  So it’s a Robot Honey came first so the secondary lacks kind of deal.

4. Mano Erina – Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo

Out of all of Mano’s A-sides released this year, this one takes the cake as the worst.  While, the whole wintry theme might have been secretly inputted in the song, Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo really brought out the worst in Manoeri.  Her tone was just everywhere and she didn’t even sound like she wanted this song to even happen either.  What a sad, sad song XD

3. alan – BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~

Yeah, besides having a good single as well, BALLAD came in as well a ballad and what a boring one at that.  It couls be that alan was constantly releasing ballads and this one didn’t do a thing to me.  It’s even weirder that it’s one of the better ballads of the era it was in so that should tell ya what’s coming up xD

2. BoA – Believe in LOVE (acoustic version)

BoA has really had a rough year of releases, but she did have a good song within Believe in LOVE which is actually ravex’s songs.  It was a great A-side no doubt, but when BoA released her single which included a new version of the electronica ballad, things just blew up and pissed me off greatly.  The acoustic version was so dry, so emotionless, and just lacked the spark the original had altogether…it almost hit No.1

1. Yui Sakakibara – Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪

I know this has been only out for so long, but this song takes the cake for worst A-side of the year.  Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪ (ugh hate the symbols) is just winter cheese and not in a good way.  Pair it up with Yui’s bad seiyuu vocals and we get a really nasty mix.  I just wanted to get that review over with quickly…girl needs to sing right…PHANTASM or serious singles PLZ!


This is part 1 of 4 post through singles.  Next post will be about the B-sides of the year. WATCH FOR IT


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  1. Lex Says:

    omg I’m surprised MATERIAL WORLD is your #1, Brett. =O

    Great list, btw!

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