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BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part Two: B-sides!! January 1, 2010

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Yep, the second post will be about the good and bad B-sides released this year XD


B-SIDES that were great but not able to get on!

Yep these 5: Futatabi (akane), Lights and Shades (Nakitaku Naru Kedo), 3, 2, 1, BREAKIN’ OUT (Shouganai Yume Oibito), In Flames (Flower) and Nowhere Cowboy (River’s Edge) were awesome B-sides but just wasn’t enough to get on the list since the top 10 were better!


10. Shoko Nakagawa – Moe yo Gizamimi Pichu! (Kokoro no Antenna)

You can flame me all ya want, but the song about the Notch-eared Pichu is just way to fun and abstract to not pass by.  Shoko’s enthusiasm is definitely shown throughout the song and it’s just a fun cute song. 

9. MONKEY MAJIK – robots inc. (Aishiteru)

For a rather quiet year, MOMAJIK did get to release this great B-side.  robots inc. gives the band a rather more serious rock tune.  Even then, as the only English track on here, it’s still pretty awesome.  Sadly, it would’ve been higher if it was a bit longer.

8. ALI PROJECT – Takarajima (Datengoku Sensen)

Everyone would know that I’ve been off and on with ALIPRO, luckily Takarajima caught me on my good side and is one of the eeriest yet most compelling B-sides to hit my eardrums.  I love the mysterious opening to the use of the “Crystal Theme”.  Though that last one might not be true, but either way, Great song

7. school food punishment – fiction nonfiction (sea-through communication)

Of all the awesome thing sfp did this year, fiction nonfiction was the most abstract and interesting song I’ve heard this year.  It went back to their indies roots.  Yumi’s vocals were just great and the rest of the band was as well.  They need more of these kind of tracks.

6. Ayumi Sakai – Arigatou ~I miss you~ (KONAYUKI)

It’s funny that the best thing Ayumi S. has released this year was her wintry B-side.  Arigatou takes a rather mundane piano arrangement and added a dance beat and made it so much more better.  Luckily that piano-only doesn’t exist xD.  Even her vocals weren’t bad, but they only suffered because she never put emotion in them.  At least she did it right this time.

5. Kalafina – Utsukushisa (progressive)

Yes the trio has managed to release really good music this year.  Utsukushisa is a great sample of Yuki Kajiura’s amazing compositions done right.  It has an amazing buildup and once you reach its climax, it works it way down to the end.  It’s talent like this that makes Kalafina so great and this was no exception.

4. Aira Mitsuki – HiGH SD Sneaker (Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS)

OMG, I initially though that the song was going to be a ballad or something, but once it rushes into it’s edgier arrangement, HiGH SD Sneaker definitely stood out from the other B-sides with it’s aggressive sounds and all the interesting parts like the speaking verses, counting down in the bridge, the fake ending in the middle…there’s just a lot to love about it.

3. Kalafina – lirica (storia)

Wait another Kalafina B-side makes it on the list?  Why yes, lirica was even better than “Utsukushisa”.  Instead of having a ballad that was building up to its awesomeness, lirica is already filled with it from the start.  It’s even more sinister and has more things that just stood out from everything else.  I think it was amazing!

2. BONNIE PINK – You and I (Joy/Happy Ending)

Another great year with BONNIE PINK, You and I was jusr great and just a lot of fun to listen to.  Even though it still ranks lower to last years “Pump It Up!” You and I is acoustic pop/rock goodness.  Once again, it could’ve been filled out more, but this was catchy and got me singing along. 


I think though that the best B-side released this year was, BUCCANEER.  Even though she hasn’t had a great year, she luckily fixed it up with this song.  While some people think it’s a futuristic sea shanty, I just call it the best B-side.  It does sound like what people have been saying, but I was entranced by the way KOTOKO was flying through the song.


The B-SIDES that were almost craptastic but luckily aren’t on the list

Is this really surprising?  Well we have With you (Hide-away/Hide & Seek/Find you), Time After Time (MATERIAL WORLD), Sweet Rishi Boy (Brave vibration), Wasted (SHOCK -Unmei-), and Shiroi Chizu (Kimi to no Tabiji).  These 5 were pretty bad, but not as bad as these 10


10. ikinono-gakari – Orion (Nakumonka)

IMO, singles-wise ikimono-gakari were just not having their year…even though they sold pretty well otherwise, Orion…Nakumonka’s lone B-side was just way too boring to sit through on a full listen.  It’s just way too much of ballad from this year and Orion was just the bland frosting on a bland cake…

9. Kana Nishino – Dear My Friends (Motto…)

I’m still not a Kana fan, but this was just trying to stab my head with this song.  It’s just way too bubblegum pop for me and her vocals being all chipmunky and high just did not settle right with me….I wanted to slap a bitch whenever I listen to this.

8. Yuna Ito – Happy Days (Let it Go)

Oh boy, After such a great album, she had to release this B-side to the world.  I was just not finding anything worth really that good about this.  Continuing that B-sides are somewhat boring when paired with an equally boring A-side XD

7. Chiaki Ishikawa – Daremo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto (First Pain)

Ballads are nice right?  Well it’s true, there’s a lot of good ballads out there, but that’s because they have the right vocals for it.  Chiaki’s B-side ballad would’ve been nice if it wasn’t for the lack of an arrangement and how odd her vocals were getting through it.  She’s got better ballads in her arsenal, but this was just a mistake IMO

6. Shoko Nakagawa – Garasu no Prism (Kokoro no Antenna)

As much as I loved “Moe ya Gizamimi Pichu!”, Garasu no Prism tried to replicate the same cute idea, but it strangely failed hardcore.  I don’t know why but Shoko being cute doesn’t always work and this would be on of cases. 

5. Nana Mizuki – Dear Dream (Mugen)

Yelling isn’t always great to hear in songs and Dear Dream basically has that problem.  As such, Dear Dream was going to sound like Trickster 0.2 but with the strings and and wild singing going on, I was just tired of listening to it after the first listen.

4. Nami Tamaki – in my life (GIVE ME UP)

WHOA, Nami actually released a bad song?!?  Yep, in my life was her first ballad of her new era/new company and what the hell happened with it is beyond me.  in my life sounded honest enough until Nami started singing horribly throughout.  HIGH NOTES = NO NO! 

3. alan – Shiawase no Kane (2009 ver.) (BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~)

If there was anything worse than BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~, it was the rearranged version of Shiawase no Kane.  They took out the bells of the song BELLS when the song title means “Bells of Happiness” I MEAN WHY EVEN DO THAT?  Definitely one of the poorest rearrangements of the year.

2. Akiko Hasegawa – XxX (LEVEL∞)

XxX really made all seiyuu’s sound better.  I did initially like the song, but when Akiko started singing, it made me wanna die.  Her voice in the song is just so high and almost Alvin chipmunk like that it really bother me to death.  This is a song to avoid at all costs, this song and the next one are just in the red zone of FAILURES

1. Diggy-MO’ – Drifting Away (Arcadia)

Mix in weird vocals from a guy, a country arrangement, rapping and we get the WORST B-side this year.  Drifting Away just proves how much I really don’t care for Diggy-MO’ even though the other songs were good.  I wish he’d never made this but what could I do?



Next time, I will be doing the best/worst of art covers  Oh yea HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!