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BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part One: ALBUM SONGS!! January 3, 2010

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So yes, we start off the best/worst of albums with individual tracks.  Yes, IN-DI-VI-DU-AL!


Great album songs but just beaten by 10 others!

These 5 tunes: Etsuraku Camellia (ULTIMATE DIAMOND), A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E, Seirios, WHY (BEAUTIFUL) and HYPNOTIZER (Humanizer), just almost made the list but didnt.


10. Daichi Miura – Who’s The Man

If being conceited makes a great song, than Who’s The Man was pure genius.  It’s definitely got a groove to it that I can’t help but love. The thing I loved about this track was how easy it was to get into and not let go.  Sold song all-around

9. Rie fu – Business (URBAN ROMANTIC)

Besides, “Romantic”, Business is such a fun song to listen to.  I mean even when the English lyrics like ~14 down, and a another to take home~ appear, you can’t help but wonder what the girl was thinking in making such a fun tune.  Is there really anything wrong with this song at all?

8. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – fly me to the other moon (swamp man)

It’s funny how a little hiatus could do to a band and swamp man’s fly me to the other moon was just a shocker too many fans because it used a whole lot of synth, but mixed in their normal rock sound to make a great song.  Both Yuusuke and HALCA did a great job singing here as well.  LOVE IT!

7. Morning Musume – SONGS (Platinum 9 DISC)

Ahhh, the Momosu surprise!  SONGS was definitely what got me hyped up for the album.  I just love how fresh and hip SONGS was all-around and even going to the point of adding auto-tune to the girls, this definitely rock my socks off.

6. Kalafina – love come down (Seventh Heaven)

Besides “sprinter”, love come down was my favorite new song off the album.  Maybe I loved because it was in the genre of dance, or it could be from the girl’s heavenly vocals that blended awesomely with the arrangement, either way love come down is just amazing and paved the way for “progressive”.

5. BONNIE PINK – Rock You Till the Dawn (ONE)

Even though IMO this album did not have the big hitters that the singles had provided us, Rock You Till the Dawn felt like those two embodied into one song.  I just love the fact that Kaori had some much pep and and full on attitude to make this song (while wholly suggestive) great!

4. Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVE ‘n’ HATE (NEXT LEVEL)

Yes, LOVE ‘n’ HATE makes this list simply because it’s just that damn epic of a song.  I mean she didn’t have to go to China to get a song like this, but everything about from the counting, the heavy beat, and even the strangely placed synth lines just made a good combination of old Hamasaki and new Hamasaki.

3. Aira Mitsuki – Plastic Doll (PLASTIC)

Even though Aira isn’t at No.1 this year unlike last year’s “GALAXY BOY”, Plastic Doll was just as good as the former album track because it defied our expectations.  I mean who knew she was going to pull off a rather ethereal track.  It could also possibly the next best thing she’s released this year so that’s a great thing.

2. Koda Kumi – Driving (TRICK)

Kuu like I’ve said before hasn’t a great year of releases, but she snuck this little gem in her TRICK album.  Driving shows that Kuu does amazing with electronica because I just love everything about the song.  Even though the rapper dude was a little random, the buzzing of the arrangement just sped to overload and easily became the “TABOO” of the year.

1. Perfume – NIGHT FLIGHT (⊿)

Another one of those obvious No.1’s NIGHT FLIGHT is just genius for Perfume.  I mean it fits with the album’s somewhat theme of flight and having that promo that lasted like 30s did not make the wait any better, but once we got the full song, NIGHT FLIGHT easily caught my attention with a 8bit arrangement and catchy vocal lines from each girl.


The 5 that are just unbearable, but at least they weren’t top 10

Yep the bad album tracks that didn’t make the top 10 are: Losing a distance (DOROTHY), Gothic Lolita Doctrine, Macaroon☆Holiday (Magic Time), Speed of Sound (⊿), and Brand New Tops (ULTIMATE DIAMOND).  These 5 barely scratch the surface of badness until now…


10. Morning Musume – Guruguru JUMP (Platinum 9 DISC)

The reason why this is on the list is because we get three singers with different vocals that should not work together….together!  Guruguru JUMP was just way too icky for me to handle and c’mon the pandas + Koharu (r.i.p.) are just not great together and luckily will never be put in that awkward position again.

9. Angela Aki – Somebody Stop Me (ANSWER)

I know Angela Aki is like a piano goddess and all, but would a goddess release elevator music?  Somebody Stop Me to me just has not flavor or anything to really keep it afloat besides the xylophone which was shortlived…Bad tune there, Ms. piano goddess.

8. Kaori Mochida – Real or Imagined (moka)


7. alan – Nobody Knows But Me (my life)


6. Namie Amuro – FIRST TIMER feat. DOBERMAN INC.

I think everyone knows why this song is on the list.  FIRST TIMER is a really hot mess…There’s just too many things going on at once and it’s tough to hear the coherency in the song.  DOBERMAN INC. doesn’t really help the problem, he actually adds to it.  Basically, I was just left cringing.

5. Yui Sakakibara – Thank you for us (ArrangementVersion) (Dream Party Memorial Party)

Seiyuus and ballads never do well and case in point Thank you for us.  I know the album is cute but she just crossed the line with this very icky song. 

4. chatmonchy – Yodan (Kokuhaku)

When you have a band that has a not-so-good singer, it should be obvious to not let her vocals enter the danger zone, but with Yodan those ideas were dashed since Eriko sounds horrible in the song, and in the messy arrangement too and we get a pretty bad song.

3. Hanako Oku – Saigo no Koi (BIRTHDAY)

BIRTHDAY had a lot of ballad songs on it, but there’s so much I can take before I start choking a bitch because songs becoming way too stale.  Saigo no Koi for me was my high point and crossed it multiple times.  Even vocally it was pretty bad.

2. Buono! – I NEED YOU (Buono!2)

I don’t think there was ever a time I was offended by Buono!…That is until I heard this track and I ended up mentally shutting down because of how bad it is.  I NEED YOU featured bad vocals from ALL members and the music was just too plain and unexciting. 

1. Koda Kumi – Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-48 (TRICK)

My number one worst album track is definitely Bwing Bwing Bwing.  The song just sucked all-around from lyrics, to music, to AK-48…the list can go on with how bad this song is.


NEXT TIME, we go down best/worst album covers