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BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Three: ALBUM COVERS!! January 6, 2010

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Well, it’s time for great album and horryfying album covers for the year!

Covers that almost got on the list but are still pretty cool!

Yes, these 5: Genetic World, BIG BANG MUSIC, BEST ★SCANDAL, Legend of Twin I -Futago Densetsu-, and Poison round out the barely made it list and look at em, colorful awesomeness

Now for the big roundup!!!

10. YMCK – Family Cooking

Ok, I’ll admit that I love my isometric games and with Family Cooking, it’s just pretty cool and quite colorful as well.  Even better is the cover has a city and the members working on food ON A BENTO BOX or all things which also matches the theme for the album as well.  Pretty cool cover if you ask me.

9. Namie Amuro – PAST<FUTURE

Yes, Namie’s album cover for PAST<FUTURE was also great because we see what the meaning is to Namie herself which in this case saying that this album is better than “BEST FICTION” since it’s being ripped in half lol.  Pretty angsty if ya ask me.

8. Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

I actually liked this cover for some reason.  I think it might’ve been all the colors on it.  It’s just so bright and pretty.  The only problem was Ayu’s hair but otherwise everything else was pretty awesome.  Fit the mood of the album.


It might have been a simple band shot, but this cover just comes off as epic to me.  I love how Monkichi’s guitar has KUMAMERO on it while Azumi is holding a toy laser gun, it just makes it funny and cool at the same time.  Cool cover!

6. Nana Kitade – Bondage

If there was one surprise this year, I think Nana’s Bondage was a shocker cover.  It kind of looks like a wanted poster, but prettier due to the amount of different flower bordering the photo.  Add in the fact that Nana is nibbling on an apple too and we get cover No. 6

5. Kalafina – Seventh Heaven

There’s just something mysterious and cool about Kalafina’s debut album’s cover.  Even though there is an absence of Maya which at that time we didn’t know she left the group to continue with school, Seventh Heaven is just a beautiful cover, almost magical.

4. Aira Mitsuki – PLASTIC

I just love red and black together so when I saw PLASTIC’s covers, I nearly orgasmed from the choice covers picked out.  I do like this cover more than the rectangular ones cuz they have the info of the album on the side and I thought that was a no-no.  Still, the cover fit the title with a plastic background.  Cool cover, but doesn’t beat “C.O.P.Y’s”.

3. Akiko Shikata – Harmonia

I love Akiko’s album cover a lot. From the ghostly looking forest to the arches and flame piller and Akiko standing on top of a platform bordering a stream, it really paints the picture in your head.  I even like the key design on the lower corner, pretty cool cover for Akiko.

2. Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dolce

Once again, red is another major color that makes any cover just pop out and with Shinshoku Dolce, she did it really nicely with her red dress.  Even better was that white cello she’s holding, I’ve never seen a pure white one and it looks awesome!  Then on a a smaller scale, we see that Kanon is holding a carousel, interesting of course and brings the weirdness of the cover together I think.

1. Chihiro Onitsuka – DOROTHY

If weird has a meaning, DOROTHY would be definitely a part of that definition.  It might be a cross of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz.  It’s that kind of fantasy that caught me off guard and is definitely is her best cover ever.  Plus porky over there seems appetizing.

Now for the 5 not-too-bad, but appears through 11-15


10. ikimono-gakari – Hajimari no Uta

This album cover just seems way too plain and definitely make the group look very plain and ugly too.  I’m sorry, but this made “My song Your song’s” cover look like royalty

9. Angela Aki – ANSWER

ANSWER while is one of Angela’s better album covers, she’s still rather too plain to make it formidable as a best.  You can only go so far before these kind of covers pisses fans off and well, that’s already happening.  Srry Angela….


Talk about putting faith into MEG’s covers, BEAUTIFUL suffers a lot from this cover.  It just seems that the photographer wanted to take it and its worst moment and we got it.  Even worse was that picture of MEG laying on the floor with her baby portal sticking out….just so wrong…just icky cover

7. chatmonchy – Kokuhaku

I don’t know why, but I thought this was a pretty ugly cover from the group.  It looks like some 70’s cover with the girls faces kind of drawn on the cover, it’s kind of meh.  The red, white, and blue also is here, but to me it just doesn’t make the cover any better.


As much as I like red, I AM AMWE kind of made an ugly color.  Though I like the 007 idea to it, it’s just not really that memorable and kind of ugly too.  Sorry

5. Hanako Oku – BIRTHDAY

Doesn’t it seem like not enough ideas were thrown out before this cover?  There is just nothing making this cover memorable and it seemed that it costed less than ten bucks to create.  It’d just very lazy IMO and sucks as a cover.

4. Ai Otsuka – LOVE is BEST

TOO MUCH PINK THINGS, LOVE is BEST is probably one of the wort covers I’ve seen from her.  Another thing that bothered me on this album was her hair…I’m it’s frizzled to no end and it makes me wanna punt more puppies because of it.  *sigh*

3. Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART

Yeesh, this is just plain ugly!  Tomoko is probably the only person saving the cover from being the worst because she does kind of look hot, but her cohorts are just the brand of ugly that I would not even get near to.  It’s that bad.  Glam is not good for guys today…

2. MiChi – UP TO YOU

Because holding a mugshot of yourself is so righteous, MiChi’s album gets the number two spot because she’s just fugtastic.  Not a very flattering way to have an album look, but w/e.

1. Momoi Haruko – Henji ga Nai, Tada no Shitsuren no You da.

The number one ick cover of the year, Momoi’s debut under her own label is just not right.  I mean she’s trying to be sexii, but it just backfires and gives us this very uncomfortable cover.  Henji ga Nai is just a fug headshot cover…



Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up this picfest with best overall album!


BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Two: Mini-Albums!!

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Yeah, but this time the lengths of the list are short since there wasn’t that many releases this year.


2. SAWA – Swimming Dancing


SAWA had to be epic again huh?  Swimming Dancing blew me away by first listen.  It could’ve been because of the PV being so different and yet showing SAWA in an epic way.  Plus nothing wrong when your producer is Taku…

1. Saori@destiny – EZ DO DANCE (WOW WAR TECHNO)

It’s one thing to do a cover, but when the cover is miles better than the original song, you know it has to be on the list.  EZ SO DANCE, a cover of TRF’s song basically took the mid-tempo tuned, gave it an energy drink and basically let it go and boy did I love it!  So much power packed into a song, I’m surprised she rocked it out in this song.


2. SAWA – I Can Fly

SAWA keeps going on this rollercoaster of good and bad releases, but I Can Fly, the song was definitely her poorest excuse yet.  I really didn’t enjoy her nasally-ness in the song and nothing else really stood out in the song.

1. misono – Tales… (Tales with misono -BEST)

misono really picked a bad time to release Tales… the only new song off this mini.  Tales… really goes back into her dat roots which is cool and all, but the song is just a majorly bore fest since nothing really got her off the ground in the song.


2. marino – lollipop+


I have to say, marino might have had a poor mini-album, but at least the shining point of the mini-album is the cover for lollipop+.  I just love what she’s wearing at she’s pulling cute quite nicely.  Cute cover

1. Saori@destiny – WOW WAR TECHNO

Another great cover from Saori, WOW WAR TECHNO’s cover is just vibrant and full of color.  From the yellow-orange car that I wouldn’t know what it is, to the city landscape, and then Saori’s outfit, it’s a great cover



It isn’t that I didn’t like it, but it was just the most unoriginal cover, being that it’s a color palette swap between this and it’s two singles.  Then again, pink and brown aren’t too good of a combination, but w/e.

1. Eri Nobuchika – hands

It’s great and all that Eri returned to the music scene, but her cover for her return mini-album, hands is rather pretty ugly.  I mean it looks really bad when it looks like it wasnt done professionally and add in that the sewing looks really crappy.  Last minute FAIL!


2. Kylee – Love Kicks…

Yeah, I think Kylee might have a strong career up ahead and Love Kicks… was a great way to pop in the J-pop world, even though the mini is all English.  Has great memorable tracks and is a fun album nonetheless.

1. SWEET BLACK feat. Maki Goto – SWEET BLACK

Gotta give credit to avex for making Gacchan’s debut really hot and something we were anticipating and such.  SWEET BLACK is such a great mini no doubt about it.  There wasn’t anything real bad about the album and even Queen Bee got awesome.  Love this mini!


2. SAWA – I Can Fly

Yea unfortunately, I Can Fly is a pretty bad mini-album, though it comes with SAWA becoming a major label artist so obviously it’d be a pretty meh transfer/debut.  Everything felt too off for SAWA who worked so hard at “TIME&SPACE” so seeing this made me cringe.

1. marino – lollipop+ 

Though the worst mini-album of the year has to go to, marino.  First off this was a rerelease which is already red flag #1, #2 was that her vocals were excrutiating through most of the mini and #3 Nakata-produced songs were even worse because Nakata thought he could pass her as cute, which obviously didn’t work…


OK, now next post will be the albums art covers!