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BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Four: ALBUMS!! January 8, 2010

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Yep, here’s the whole shebang and here’s where we start!

The 5 albums that were great, but not enough to make the 10

Yeah these 5 albums: BEST★SCANDAL, Seirios, Colors of my Voice, PLASTIC CONFUSION, and RE:BORN almost made the list, but sadly fell short….awwwwww


10. Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

There’s something quite different going on this time on NEXT LEVEL when compared to her last effort, “GUILTY”.  I mean it’s a lot more energetic for sure with songs like Rule, Sparkle, LOVE ‘n’ HATE and so on, it would’ve been higher if there were less interludes in the album…I mean really?


Rie fu really caught me off guard with the entire era leading up to this album.  I thought she was changing because her music was getting kinf of meh and it was…URBAN ROMANTIC gave Rie fu a chance to dive into some upbeat ideas like Romantic, Business, and Something In My Head, but gave us the usual Rie fu style as well with PRESENT.  It’s a strong album on her own and it might be her best one.

8. Namie Amuro – PAST<FUTURE

Namie contribution this year was definitely something I was hoping for.  I mean besides the lack of singles prior to the album, PAST<FUTURE has it’s mix of well…past and future.  I thought FAST CAR was a little devient tune that was forcing me to love it and it worked while WILD and Defend Love got my blood pumpin’ with its edgy beats and great singing.  Pretty solid album, except for FIRST TIMER which is too chaotic for me.

7. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – swamp man

Taking a small break, adding a new member and being overall kickass, HandMC’s swamp man pushed many many boundaries that the group has barely scratched previous and with new singer HALCA in tow, everything felt so right and made me thing Maaki never really left at all xD, I mean I never heard anything like XYZ or fly me to the other moon before so yknow, awesome album on par with “ROCK PIT”


For being the first seiyuu/singer to ever hit number 1 on ORICON is a pretty amazing title to have and no doubt because ULTIMATE DIAMOND is a really great album.  She dabbled in various styles and most of the songs turned out great, though I’m still a little peeved about them taking off “COSMiC LOVE” at the last minute, that made me mad

5. Chihiro Onitsuka – DOROTHY

It’s been way too long Chihiro, DOROTHY is such a great album to listen to.  Right from the opening song with the native american arrangement I knew I was going for an experience and she nailed it.  She did miss with a few songs, but overall this album basically makes her last three albums look amateur when compared to this one.

4. Kou Shibasaki – Love Paranoia

Probably the longest album I reviewed this year, Kou’s Love Paranoia was amazingly strong from start to finish, well minus those songs where Kou uses her high register, but otherwise this album has great flow.  If you like long albums, Kou’s is definitely one to listen to.


This was a surprise this year.  Yui Sakakibara is mostly known for her cute overly gushy stuff.  END PROPHECY is luckily devoid of that issue entirely and Yui’s vocals were amazing as well portraying as a deeper more powerful vocalist than her cutesy alternate.  Definitely an album to get, but be warned about her other stuff that isn’t PHANTASM-related.

2. ravex – trax

I think it’s safe to say that the idea behind ravex was the smartest plan ever because trax is just a great dance-infused album.  So many ideas from three different producers and we get such an amazing collection of songs by artists mostly everyone has heard.  Who knew, BoA, Anna Tsuchiya, Maki Goto, and MONKEY MAJIK would have great contributions as well as the others.  Almost perfect album and seriously they need to release more xD

1. Kalafina – Seventh Heaven

I think Kalafina did it for me this year, I always thought Yuki Kajiura was a great composer/producer so when it came to Kalafina’s anticipated debut album, Yuki and the group did not disappoint me one bit.  Well the only real thing that disappointed me besides the lack of Maya…was one of the B-sides that made it on the album.  Everything else was almost damn near perfect.  Seventh Heaven is great and should be recommended by anyone.

Uh-oh the uber bad but not in the REALLY bad list

Koi no Dekaris, Magic Time, unveil, Kana -Itoshiki Hito yo-, and TRICK made the 5 that didn’t make the full list.  Pretty bad albums otherwise lol

10. Buono! – Buono!2

Buono!2 to me is on this list because while it had its really good songs, it also has its horrendous tunes.  It’s a real hot/cold album.  Though I hope this next album is a whole lot better.

9. AAA – depArture

I’m not sure why, but depArture was somewhat lacking the spark that their previous 3 albums had (not including the cover album).  depArture really wasn’t good because of the lack of good singles or even good album tracks.  At least they had their bad album and the singles released after has redeemed themselves back up to awesomeness.

8. Rina Aiuchi – THANX

If there was a trophy for most rushed out feeling album, THANX would definitely be one of the higher candidates this year.  I don’t know what happened but not a lot of songs were memorable and even then sounds so similar to the other songs off the album, it was clear she just wanted another album out fast and sadly it failed on most accounts.

7. Asriel – Quo Vadis

The worst of two albums released by Asriel, Quo Vadis felt so boring to listen to becuase each song just felt more boring as time went on.  There were a few shiners no doubt, but the lack of anything interesting makes this a pretty bad album, and to say “unveil” was only a little better says alot.

6. Mano Erina – FRIENDS

While yes, I did enjoy it at first listen, FRIENDS became more tedious to listen to and with Manoeri’s meh-ish vocals to add on with the subpar songs, besides a certain few singles, the album did not do anything for me in a positive way.  I’m sorry, but FRIENDS was just filled with meh tracks.

5. Hanako Oku – BIRTHDAY

The same thing I said bout Manoeri’s album could be applied here as well, cept Hanako’s vocals are even more shriller and the arrangements are pretty pale and dull.  It’s sad that this album was this bad because people have said previous albums were better all-around…

4. Q;indivi feat. Rin Oikawa – Winter Celebration

Q;indivi to me has been losing steam lately because of the “Celebration” albums, but their winter album was really pushing my buttons.  Having awkward renditions of Christmas classics is definitely not the direction I would’ve taken and left the songs alone, but nooooo.  Srry guys but this album was pretty bad.

3. alan – my life

I put my life way up here because just like Rina’s THANX album, this was rushed way too fast and most of the songs are vocally dead to me besides Kuon no Kawa.  Even then when it was released simultaneously with “Voice of EARTH” you’re bound to be destroyed and my life did it in the worst way possible.

2. Yui Sakakibara – Dream Party Memorial 2009

Yeah, this album was definitly fail from track one up, even the best track found on the album, Premonition Dream was vocally bad so that should tell you that this album is not for the faint-hearted.  Too much seiyuu-ness in one sitting can cause deafness.

1. Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART

Hands down, the worst album of the year goes to Tommy heavenly6’s final album under DEFstar, I KILL MY HEART, or as everyone dubs it, I KILL MY CAREER because this unfortunately came out right before the expiration of Tomoko’s band and side-projects.  No singles were released before this and it shows how lazy it was because it just didn’t have the Tomoko spark that her last two albums had (and they were great albums too). 



So there you have it, ALBUMS…..next time is PV’s and that’s going to be down to 5 each and also I will do my text rundown through all the groups for you guys ^_^