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kumi – Kimi ni Tsutaetakute January 26, 2010

Filed under: kumi — solarblade @ 10:45 pm

Track Listing

  1. Kimi ni Tsutaetakute
  2. Dokomademo
  3. Kimi ni Tsutaetakute (instrumental)
  4. Dokomademo (instrumental)

1. Kimi ni Tsutaetakute

At first I noticed the R&B-ness that is going on that many other artists are utilizing here and kumi is kind of got a good voice going here.  Her voice sounds really soothing and pretty.  It might come off as a little generic sounding (considering she’s on a pretty unknown label), she’s not too bad, but it’s like late 90’s R&B if that helps.

2. Dokomademo

I guess the B-side is a little better since it’s not R&B, but more of the pop sound which is kind of cool.  I think that whoever worked on the song likes a lot of bass in the song and making kumi’s vocals sound meh.  I don’t know why, but this song just came off as cheesy.  I mean it still is better, but not to the point where I’d keep the song.



kumi’s debut single is kind of screwy with Kimi ni Tsutaetakute being really generic and Dokomademo being cheesy.  I’ve said before that her label isn’t that well-known and sounds weird, but it’s a debut.


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