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Maria – Wasuretakunakute January 30, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Wasuretakunakute
  2. Niji ni Negai wo
  3. Wasuretakunakute (Backing Track)
  4. Niji ni Negai wo (Backing Track)

1. Wasuretakunakute

I kind of like the melancholic feel to Wasuretakunakute but at the same time I’m getting even more deja vu vibes from YUI and Shion Tsuji with Maria which I guess is the sincerest form flattery.  The only difference is that Maria doesn’t sound bad at all and kind of better than those two other acoustic rock singers.  I do like the electric guitar parts of the song for sure.  Interesting song, I quite like it!

2. Niji ni Negai wo

However, the B-side makes just want to question my previous views for Maria.  Niji ni Negai wo is definitely something childish and I mean that in the nicest way.  I mean when you hear deep synths and maybe to me low tuba noises.  It’s quite the opposite to “Wasuretakunakute”, but it’s not too bad, just so unlike what I’ve heard from such an artist.



Maria’s 4th and final single for the “WILL” era is pretty good to me.  I do like how both songs are polar opposites to each other.  Wasure’s more serious flow against Niji’s cutesy, arrangement.  While I’m not surprised that Niji ni Negai wo doesn’t make the album cut, it probably wouldn’t have fit period!