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Masami Okui – i-magination February 5, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Starting Over
  2. Wagamama no Chou
  3. Pure DIAMOND
  4. Jounetsu no Counter
  5. TO DIE FOR ×××
  6. Regret
  7. Good-bye Good luck
  8. Sono Toki Daremo ga Megami Tonaru
  9. PHASE
  10. Niji’iro Shooter
  11. Flower
  12. Miracle.Upper WL

1. Starting Over

Beginning the album with the era’s first A-side, Starting Over is still one of those songs that passes over my head because it seems to just a typical anime song, but I do like the synths in the song more than anything else.  It’s strange that whenever I hear the guitars used here, I hear Stereopony…it’s probably because of the grittyness of it all.  It’s not a bad song to open the album up though.

2. Wagamama no Chou

Our first new song, Wagamama no Chou doesn’t even remotely sound interesting in the beginning.  It seems too plain and not as energetic as it should be.  At least when Masami enters with the first verse, things sound great and pretty cool.  Unfortuately that’s the only memorable thing about the song.  I’m disappointed with this song.


Now, this is better.  Pure DIAMOND starts off simply enough with strings and piano before unleashing this pretty epic rock arrangement on us, with some light synths.  To be more precise, the song actually goes int between the ballad-like beginning and the more rockier sound.  I don’t know why, but Masami actually pulled this off. 

4. Jounetsu no Counter

Then again, I’m ending up liking Jounetsu no Counter a lot more than the last song because it’s a mix of latin and pop.  It’s kind of nice to hear a female BKGD singer rather than a male since it’s more appropriate in this song.  It’s lighthearted and pretty nice to listen to, but I feel there’s something missing that makes it amazing.  Still pretty good.

5. TO DIE FOR ×××

As the B-side from “Miracle. Upper WL”, I was happy to see this song make the albums tracklist.  When compared to the previous songs, this song is by far the most energetic track so far.  I’m honestly loving rocker Makkun more than anything else she’s pulled off.  Makkun is definitely showing a lot more of herself and sounding stronger as well.  Great song!

6. Regret

I guess it’s no surprise that the B-side from “Starting Over” would be a part of the album as well.  Regret is a song to relax to because of it’s slower flow and more organic arrangement.  While it doesn’t beat the last track for best B-side, it’s still pretty damn good. 

7. Good-bye Good luck

I guess it was a nice segway for getting into Good-bye Good luck because it starts out in the same slow way “Regret” overall sounded.  I think the song is still on the edge of being somewhat stale, but Makkun’s vocals are at least interesting.  Definitely a filler track, but a good one nonetheless.

8. Sono Toki Daremo ga Megami Tonaru

Hahahah, I love how Makkun yells ~ALL RIGHT!~ when the song opens.  Unfortunately, that’s all that really stands out on this tune.  The song just doesn’t excite me and it doesn’t really go nowhere, but at least it’s somewhat cute. 


I’m definitely finding myself lost when the album keeps going back from pop songs to rock songs.  PHASE is definitely throwing back images to “INSANITY” off her last studio album.  Likewise, I still like this energetic side to Makkun and comes off as more epic than some of the previous songs.  Ahhhh, what a good song.

10. Niji’iro Shooter

Of all the new tracks on the album, Niji’iro Shooter is probably my favorite because while it sounds like something off of “Akasha”, this song has the most variety because it isn’t like the poppier song nor is it hard rock.  It’s just a simple dance track with fastly sung lyrics from Makkun.  While it is my favorite new, there’s still something missing to make it that amazing.

11. Flower

See what I mean?  I mean jeeze, edgy to slow and back and forth….this album just doesn’t flow good.  Flower is what it is, a ballad with a more organic arrangement.  Piano, drums and guitar.  For being close to the end of the album, it passes because it does sound like a song that would end things off on a good note. 

12. Miracle. Upper WL

Ending off the album, Masami collaborated with fellow anison single, May’n for the other A-side released in the era.  I’m still on the fence with this song because while it has been quite a while since Makkun actually collaborated, the song just doesn’t feel right.  Makkun and May’n sound great, but I don’t think having a rock arrangement for both to sing on was a great idea.  Not too bad of a song, just wanted something different.

Tracks Recommended

  • Niji’iro Shooter
  • TO DIE FOR ×××
  • Regret
  • Pure DIAMOND

Song of Avoidance

  • Wagamama no Chou

So for Makkun’s 3rd album under Lantis, i-magination is a small step up than “Self Satisfaction” and “Akasha”.  There’s still some problems to attend to like, making her songs stand out more and not feeling so mundane and boring.  Though at least she isn’t playing safe like the last two, that’s a positive thing.  Not bad, but not really that great either.


4 Responses to “Masami Okui – i-magination”

  1. Megumi Says:

    AH THE COVER. *nightmares*

  2. Jin Says:

    natural beauty~

  3. Kishiko Says:

    Didn’t know of this album, will have to check it out. Thanks for reviewing it! Oh and the cover is very nice ^_^

  4. Andy Says:

    yeah, check the album out. It’s definitely worth to be listened to twice, and if you like the cover image, you will LOVE the pictures in the booklet. They are much better.

    @solarblade: it’s great that you review every album by Masami Okui. I hope that you have a good time listening to her music. Unfortunately you write to almost every song the complete opposite of what I am thinking. In some respect I think this is great, because you like different things about Okui-samas music, than I do, and this is a good thing, isn’t it? But overall I must say that my appreciation of her work is much higher, especially for this album. I think it’s a jewel.


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