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Haruka Shimotsuki – Saigo no Michishirube February 18, 2010

Filed under: Haruka Shimotsuki — solarblade @ 6:48 pm

Track Listing

  1. Saigo no Michishirube
  2. Kii te wa Seikenai Uta
  3. Saigo no Michishirube (off vocal)
  4. Kii te wa Seikenai Uta (off vocal)

1. Saigo no Michishirube

Ahh, I love the way Saigo no Michishirube opens up with a pretty violin opening before Haruka comes in with her soothing vocals that mesh well with the mid-tempo pop sound.  It seems like it could’ve been a potential Kalafina song because of the flow of everything going around.  It’s definitely kind of like “Negai no Shirushi” in a way, but I ended up liking this song a lot.

2. Kii te wa Seikenai Uta

Though what surprised me was the B-side which has a pretty eerie and yet awesome opening.  I love the synths that were included with the choir going on in the background.  It’s like how to bring Brett back into liking me and she pulls something so cool like this.  It’s a bone-chilling tune and I loved every minute, way to go!



Even though she snuch “Negai no Shirushi” less than a month before this, I actually ended up loving this single a lot.  I liked the fact that Saigo no Michishirube is relaxing and quite enjoyable to just listen to while you’re reading while Kii te wa Seikenai Uta was like synth love.  If this is giving a clue for an album than yes please!


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