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Mai Kuraki – Eien Yori Nagaku/Drive me crazy March 3, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Eien Yori Nagaku
  2. Drive me crazy
  3. Eien Yori Nagaku -Instrumental-
  4. Drive me crazy -Instrumental-

1. Eien Yori Nagaku

Uhm…after that last era or two, I was surprised with what we got with Eien Yori Nagaku.  I think right from the chorus, it just screams “Winter Bells” since it has that same bouncy happy-go-lucky feel to it that both songs share.  I do enjoy the upbeat nature and Mai’s vocals are quite strong for such a song.  It might be somewhat different from what she’s been releasing recently, but it has been a while since we had a song of this giddyness.

2. Drive me crazy

The B-side though kind of reminds me of the last few B-sides since they have this deeper R&B style, but with this one sounds almost sultry and quite sexy.  Quite awesome is that the synths are just deep and fills the speakers fully.  Mai’s vocals is just sexy IMO and I ended up liking this a whole lot more than “Eien Yori Nagaku”. 



After releasing “ALL MY BEST“, Mai-K comes back with a double A-side that is actually quite good and is a lot more memorable than “PUZZLE/Revive”.  Eien Yori Nagaku might be a little homage to her past songs that were giggity goo, but it’s nice but Drive me crazy definitely made the single fully listenable.  Good single and a good start for an era.