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Minami Kizuki – Luna Regalo ~Tsuki Kara no Okurimono~ March 18, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Luna Regalo ~Tsuki Kara no Okurimono~
  2. Lily
  3. Kimi no Tame ni

1. Luna Regalo ~Tsuki Kara no Okurimono~

After a rather hard album to sit through, Minami picked herself up and returns with Luna Regalo which is actually a pretty song in itself.  I really do like the almost folkish arrangement going here and it seems Minami has worked on her vocals quite a bit because now she doesn’t sound as rough as she did.  Her shima-uta has gotten somewhat better and more controlled.  Then this strange thing happens in the first chorus like…maybe it’s the file…but it sounded horribly messy, but this song is majestic and very pretty.

2. Lily

Hey!  So we get a rock song from Minami now and while that’s rather new to me, Lily beings Minami into a new area to her music and it actually isn’t bad because she isn’t heavily relying on her island vocals as much, but it’s still there but I think it gave a rather mediocre arrangement some life and that’s a good thing.

3. Kimi no Tame ni

Finishing the single, Kimi no Tame ni is of course another ballad from Minami and right from the start I was impressed by the song’s simplicity and shows off Minami’s vocals a whole lot since she sings through her clear low vocals up to her shima-uta vocals and while I’m still very uncomfortable whenever she sings like it, it’s still a good song otherwise because of the pretty arrangement.



Minami begins a new era with a pretty strong single…maybe as strong as “Shiroi Tsuki”.  Luna Regalo was actually a great example of a good ballad and coming from a shima-uta styled artist.  Lily was a nice try at a pop/rock song and Kimi no Tame ni was another good ballad.


3 Responses to “Minami Kizuki – Luna Regalo ~Tsuki Kara no Okurimono~”

  1. Carlx Says:

    The strange thing that happens in the first chorus is definitely the file, I had the same experience.

  2. Carlx Says:

    I assume we have the same rip. Because I can hear, in the first chorus and at the end of the track, the sound of other song at the same time, like in the background.
    Haha, it’s annoying, especially because I was looking for this single since yesterday. 😦

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