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Nana Tanimura – FAR AWAY/Believe you March 24, 2010

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Track Listing

  2. Believe you
  3. Make It Numb
  4. FAR AWAY (Instrumental)
  5. Believe you (Instrumental)
  6. Make It Numb (Instrumental)


First song of the single, FAR AWAY is surprisingly dark for a Nana song to be honest.  I like the gothic-ness of the song mixed with the edgy arrangement.  While Nana’s vocals aren’t the greatest ever heard, she actually did a fine job with this track in particular and I loved her energy and the chorus was pretty sweet.  I really liked that hook of ~Take me away, take me far away~.  Pretty awesome A-side.

2. Believe you

The other A-side is a gothic ballad and while the thing that bothered me at first in the song was the bad Engrish I heard. she fixed it up pretty nicely for the rest and once the chorus comes in the guitar and piano become more apparant and it seems like a more toned down version of “FAR AWAY”.  It’s not too bad, but I think the other A-side is far superior.

3. Make It Numb

Compared to the other two songs, Make It Numb is just straight up rock and not full of the dramatics of the other two.  However, it comes at a price since it’s under three minutes and that’s a little bit meh.  I do like how Nana is trying to be sexy here and some of it comes off right, but some of it sounds like she’s aimlessly singing the song…I do love her ~yeahs~ and her ~make no~ and she even says ~bitch~ in the after chorus.  It’s a very dirty song, but pretty awesome.



I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever get an album from Tanimura to be honest.  This new side to her is pretty damn exciting and I don’t mind if she becomes a rocker chick after this because this single might be her best one yet.  While Believe you was a little boring, FAR AWAY and Make It Numb were just surprisingly good and catchy as well, let’s see what direction she’ll take next.


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