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BUCK-TICK – Dokudanjou Beauty March 29, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Dokudanjou Beauty
  2. Voo Doo
  3. Tenshi wa Dare da (LIVE ver.)

1. Dokudanjou Beauty

Hey, I remember this melody, I hear all the time!  While it just plays around a few times in the song before coming with the main melody and edgy and fun guitars.  Atsushi’s vocals to me are pretty cool and can hit some higher notes kind of well.  There’s something about his vocals are a bit like Ayu’s though…I mean the way he uses vibrato just kind of reminds me of that.  Good song though and is pretty catchy after a while.

2. Voo Doo

A bit more serious, Voo Doo is pretty weird for me because of Atsushi’s enjoyment of warping his voice hardcore with his vibrato, but I love the feeling of angst in the song.  I’m not sure what this really reminds me of, but it does.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel much for the song as much as I did with the A-side.

3. Tenshi wa Dare da (LIVE ver.)

As a track off their last album “memento mori”, Tenshi wa Dare da gets a live version on this single and while I’ve never heard anything previous to this single, Tenshi wa Dare da sounds like something I’d hear back in the 80’s.  For a band who has been around since the 80’s to begin with, this is still pretty good.  Atsushi’s vocals are pretty good though sometimes hitting sour notes, but still a good live performance though.



For a group who has been around this long, Dokudanjou Beauty is a pretty good single.  Both the A-side and live song were great while Voo Doo was the singles axe.  I can’t wait to see more from the longtime performing group.


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