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H!P POLL TIME ONCE AGAIN! March 30, 2010

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So here we are again with a new poll for the new year.  Since last year had way too many people XD, this year has been slimmed down to just the 7 main acts since the elder club is gone.

So here’s the reasons for the pickings this year

1. Miyabi Natsuyaki – I think for me she has been standing out all year in both Buono! and Berryz Koubou.  Like in most of the PV’s she’s been in here recently she’s caught my eyes alot and the fact that she sings pretty good also helped her case. 

2. Ai Takahashi – Still the strongest member of Momosu, she’s just never gonna quit being such a kickass singer.  Though this year it seems it slipped, but I blame those last two singles they shot out of their asses.  She’s still pretty amazing.

3. Reina Tanaka – Another one of the girls that just seemed to just pop out of nowhere and just surprise me.  It all started with “Resonant Blue” and ever since she’s actually has gotten better.  Let’s say Winky is good for something!

4. Momoko Tsugunaga

Damn, she’s grown up since last year.  Her vocals have gotten so much better thanks to Buono! and even recently shown off her pipes in “Otakebi Boy WAO!”.  I swear a few more months and she’ll be one of the strongest members in Berryz.

5. Saki Shimizu

Yeah, she’s the group’s best dancer what are you gonna do about it?  I love that offshot of the “Otakebi Boy WAO!” PV, she was kickass and so damn cute about it too.  Definitely remember her as the short-haired gal in BK.

6. Maimi Yajima

Ever since I started listening to C-ute, Maimi popped out at me as the better singer out of the group and taking Airi’s spotlight for a while.  Gotta say, she’s impressing me quite a bit.

7-8. Junjun & Yurina Kumai

Hey, these girls have great deep vocals and recently has been sounding better as well.  Junjun gets more brownie points from me because she’s Chinese…I know total racist right? PSSSSH.  At least I can tell who Yurina is because she’s amazingly taller than the girls she works with…G4 & BK.

9. Airi Suzuki

Yeah, last year she was at the top of my list, but this year she’s kind of fallen back because of the new vocals coming from the other gals of H!P.  Though she still is pretty good, just not as memorable during the last poll.

10. Risako Sugaya

Yeah, she kicked ass this year.  Risako can bring the hurt like most of the songs she sung in this year and her angry voice is so cool.  Maybe she’ll continue to pull this off and make me love her even more!!!

The others:

  • Linlin
  • Sayumi Michishige
  • Risa Niigaki
  • Eri Kamei
  • Maasa Sudo
  • Saki Nakajima
  • Chinami Tokunaga
  • Mano Erina
  • Chisato Okai
  • Mai Hagiwara
  • Aika Mitsui
  • Kanon Fukuda
  • Ayaka Wada
  • Yuka Maeda
  • Saki Ogawa

Basically majority of everyone that isn’t in the top 10 is because I just don’t know much about them, but I wanna try to by the end of this year.  Even more so with S/mileage since to me they’re basically unknowns to me while all of the other girls have been known for a long time.

1. Buono!

You know it’s two years in the running that Buono! has actually been the most exciting group to have come from H!P in recent years.  Being their recent album, “We are Buono!” blowing me away and kicked their previous two albums out has shown that they aren’t done kicking ass and the core members Miyabi, Airi, and Momoko were perfect as a whole.

2. Berryz Koubou

Yeah, Berryz Koubou has also shown some great tunes this year.  With their most recent album “6th Otakebi Album” they sure got marbles together for it, even though the new songs were kind of underwheling under the fantastic singles released.  Even more of the members are heard this time around and damn, can Berryz get angry music? XD

3. Morning Musume

If there was a poll for this last year, Momosu would’ve been 2nd easily…but that’s just because I didn’t listen to Berryz or C-ute and G4 and S/mileage didn’t exist so hahaha.  This year though has been somewhat good and somewhat bad for the group.  First off, Koharu left which was bad, and then with Kimagure Princess is just got really weird.  At least the album wasn’t entirely bad, but I still prefer Platinum 9 DISC.

4. C-ute

I’ll admit, C-ute is just not having a good year this year.  With the mess of losing two members and an era of disappointing singles which lead to “Shocking 5” which was shocking they even decided to put the songs and more bleh ones on there, it just wasn’t their year.

5. S/mileage

This group just started this year and for the most part they aren’t really exciting right now, but I bet by their major label debut (maybe?) that it’ll all change.  The girls still need time for me to figure out who’s who.  Got a bit more to go before you surpass the 4 groups ahead.

6. Mano Erina

As the only soloist going here, Manoeri did release her first album after so many damn singles, but she just seems too reserved for something like what the groups above have been releasing.  Maybe she’ll change up somewhat but for now, she’s kind of there and not really punching the fans like the others have.

7. Guardians 4

Unfortunately I don’t see G4 lasting much longer.  It could be just cuz of the fact that Aika, Saki, Risako, and Yurina all have their own groups to deal with and this anime group just doesn’t work for any of them especially Yurina and Risako who have deeper vocals and Aika is just meh and Saki being the cute one…I don’t it just doesn’t seem like it’ll go anywhere anymore.


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