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UVERworld – GOLD March 30, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. GOLD


I actually didn’t like the opening to GOLD at all.  I’m not sure why, but it’s seemed like random ideas, but once the band fully entered my mind changed around and got better very quickly.  It’s still rather shockingly messy, but it’s not totally messed up and the parts with the synths and stings are pretty awesome.  TAKUYA sounds pretty good as well and hits some great notes and the solos are pretty epic too.  It’s no “GO-ON” but this is pretty good, even after the messy factor runs off.


So our first B-side actually has a tie-in for a GUNDAM movie and not surprisingly is a stronger song from UVERworld.  It doesn’t feel like many ideas strung together and TAKUYA is surprisingly more controlled in his vocals.  It’s not bad, but compared to the energetic performance from “GOLD”, this was surprising and kind of cool.  I commend this song.


The 2nd B-side also shows a pretty interesting side to the group.  It’s actually a ballad ala “Kanashimi wa Kitto”.  It begins with a melancholic piano melody before TAKUYA comes in and his vocals are really stable and not squeaky like they usually are and singing with a lot of emotion.  After the first chorus, the rest of the band comes in and joins him.  It’s good since it’s a brutally honest slow song and gives em better view of what they have in their repetoire of songs.  TBH, I like this more than their last A-side.



Ending off the “LAST” era, UVERworld kind of gave me this mixed feeling of a single.  I’ll admit MINORI was a whole lot stronger of a ballad than “Kanashimi wa Kitto” and was the best of the single.  CHANGE was also pretty good, but maybe I’m just biased because of it’s tie-in.  GOLD however kind of comes off to me as a bit random in its execution.  Not bad, but I’m just not used to the different styles in this song.  I was worried that this was a start of a new era since they released “Neo SOUND BEST” at the end of last year and “Kanashimi wa Kitto” was on it and “GO-ON wasn’t, at least we have three singles represented now!


2 Responses to “UVERworld – GOLD”

  1. sakurayume Says:

    I don’t think GOLD is as good as GO-ON, and I found the rap parts to be a touch awkward (“make the boom boom” or whatever. lol) The real treat to GOLD is its instrumentals, rather than Takuya himself. I almost never say that. I love Takuya and he is usually the main event in every other UVERworld song, but this time he takes a backseat to the music. Its a cool change of pace.

    I haven’t heard the b-sides yet, but they usually have pretty nice ones.

    Sorry for this long rambling comment, I’m just hooked on UVERworld. ❤

  2. Ty_Sylicus Says:

    UVERworld has been disappointing to me since the release of AwakEVE. I haven’t liked many of their newer songs at all, to the point where I’m just going to skip this single and wait for an album or something. :/

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