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How does this make you feel? April 1, 2010

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So anyway, today’s April Fool’s and well YouTube decided to give us a neat little trick with the videos like FREE FREE here…can you guess what that is?


fripSide – closest love

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Track Listing

  1. closest love
  2. closest love -karaoke ver.-
  3. closest love -instrumental-
  4. closest love -short ver.-

1. closest love

I’m not surprised fripSide would have had done another synthy track like their previous singles of the era.  closest love is one of those songs that would either make you like it or just pass it over because of its likeness to them.  That said, I do like the guitar-work for the song more than the synths this time around and it seems Yoshino’s vocals are a bit more refined and easier to listen to so I like that as well. 



While this was released as an indies single, I’m starting to worry that fripSide is going to suffer the GND-syndrome if they don’t change things up a bit.  I do like the synthy stuff they put out, but there’s little difference between this, “only my railgun” and “LEVEL5 -judgelight-“.  Let’s hope this era ends on a good note!