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Seira Kagami – First Sight feat. Ryohei April 16, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. First Sight feat. Ryohei
  2. Super Special
  3. First Sight -exclusive edit-

1. First Sight feat. Ryohei

I really don’t know where Seira is going with her career music-wise, but I think she found a rather steady one in dance music because First Sight is really catchy.  Seira vocals are really amazing in this song and reminds me of Yuna Ito’s vocals which is surprising.  Ryohei (R&B artist) is also in the song and his singing actually fits as well.  I don’t know why, but this song is exciting and heavy and full of life.

2. Super Special

Ugh ~You’re always super special, that’s why you’re always here with me~ will always be a cheesy line for me, especially how she goes and sings it…  Anyway, the B-side of the single is pretty awesome after the opening lines because it’s more electro sounding than “First Sight”.  I sense a little bit of guitar and a little bit of 8bit as well which makes it so super special to begin with hahahaa. 

3. First Sight -exclusive edit-

Ending the single is a remix of the A-side which still features both Seria and Ryohei still.  I wonder who actually did the edit because it’s pretty damn amazing and with more beats and buzzing synths that song got a whole lot better.  It might’ve lost some energy, but it’s not bad and the song has great transitions.



I guess roughly ending the “Celebration/IdeAnimation” era, First Sight was amazing of a single.  Beating out her last single, this one actually sounded danceable and had energy and Ryohei was great giving his input in the song.  Makes me wonder what’ll be on the mini-album and album ^_^


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