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Masami Okui – Renka Tairan April 20, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Renka Tairan
  2. Kagen no Tsuki
  3. Renka Tairan (off vocal ver.)
  4. Kagen no Tsuki (off vocal ver.)

1. Renka Tairan

Hey finally we’re back to some energetic stuff from Masami.  I love the guitar riff of this song and while there rising and falling synths heard in the song they don’t play much of an important role unlike the edgier guitar, piano, and drums.  Even Masami sounds more alive in this song than in “Starting Over” and “Melted Snow”.  Definitely an upgrade after some meh singles. 

2. Kagen no Tsuki

I love the fact that this song opens up so nicely like it did.  As the B-side of the single, Kagen no Tsuki is unsurprisingly a ballad, but I felt this one is a really great one compared to her last few ones.  There’s a nice amount of strings present and Masami sounds pretty strong as well.  Not sure why, but I might like this more than “Renka Tairan”.



Wow, an actual strong single from Makkun.  After “i-magination” I was worried on what she’d put out next because that album felt bland and somewhat outdated.  With Renka Tairan though, I can still see the energy she has and I love the soothing quality of Kagen no Tsuki.  Best single she’s had in a while


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