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kumi – Dare Yori mo Kimi ga, Kimi ga Suki April 21, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Dare Yori mo Kimi ga, Kimi ga Suki
  2. Nagareboshi
  3. Dare Yori mo Kimi ga, Kimi ga Suki (inst)
  4. Nagareboshi (inst)

1. Dare Yori mo Kimi ga, Kimi ga Suki

You know it’s bad when there’s such a bland arrangement in the R&B genre, but I actually liked what we got with kumi’s 2nd A-side.  OK, so it might not be as jaw-dropping good like some others but I’ll admit that Dare Yori mo was actually catchy and has a much better production value than “Kimi ni Tsutaetakute”.  kumi’s vocals reminds me of someone’s…maybe BENI/Miliyah-ish perhaps.  I thought this was a pretty strong tune.

2. Nagareboshi

Now here we have a lyrically fast sung song in Nagareboshi and while it does add a beat to make it “more exciting”, it’s actually a bit more bland than the A-side.  At least it wasn’t cheesy like the least B-side, but dang kumi can sing fast, especially in that chorus.  It isn’t as memorable but still a pretty good song from her.



Thank god kumi picked up with her second single.  Both songs sound so much more better and better produced as well.  Not sure, but since there’s a single that needs to be leaked, this was nice to review beforehand and I actually liked the single so much more better than “Kimi ni Tsutaetakute”


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