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kumi – Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo April 26, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo
  2. Tenohira
  3. Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo -inst-
  4. Tenohira -inst-

1. Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo

I don’t know why, but Zutto Itsumo surprised me because it opened up like it was going to be an R&B ballad, but it actually turns out to be quite faster and has a pretty good beat.  Since this is kumi’s first collaboration with an unknown artist, Momo I thought both did pretty well for this song.  I liked how they incoporated acoustic guitar with some strings and a beat.  While Momo isn’t entirely getting her own lines and just acting as back-up support for kumi, it was nice and their voices meshed well together. 

2. Tenohira

The B-side of the single is however a ballad with just kumi.  Tenohira has a pretty nice arrangement and surprisingly has kumi in a more softer light.  Her vocals aren’t exactly screaming fantastic, but she’s got a pretty nice voice when doing ballads.  It isn’t as strong of a song like “Zutto Itsumo” but it sure as hell sounds and feels a lot more better than her previous B-sides.



3rd single and it clearly shows kumi is getting way better than when she started out with “Kimi ni Tsutaetakute”.  Her first collaboration A-side actually turned out better than I hoped and with it’s faster flow, it’s gonna be in my head for awhile.  While kumi has never really had a fortified good B-side, right now Tenohira is her best one yet, but it still feels a little too under the A-sides.  Still best single yet!


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