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Minami Kizuki – Warabegami ~Watashi no Takaramono~ April 29, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Warabegami ~Watashi no Takaramono~
  2. Hoshi no Saku Michi

1. Warabegami ~Watashi no Takaramono~

Warabegami to just sounds so weird to me.  I do like the ballady folk/rock/pop w/e you wanna call it this time around.  However, at the cost of the good arrangement the song, Minami really loves her shima-uta and it just sounds like a whole lot of ad-libbing when I know she’s saying something.  Like a fellow reader said, it reminds them of Hajime Chitose and kind of agree, but Minami should focus on getting her singing a little more stable then singing like she’s drowning or something.  I guess I can’t bitch because this style is more traditional and such, but c’mon it’s like Japan’s version of screamo…you either like it or horribly despise it.

2. Hoshi no Saku Michi

As for the B-side, I was actually a bit more impressed with this song.  It reminds me of an ending for some drama/anime.  I like that distant piano playing in the background before the song finallu opens to more piano, guitars, and drums.  It’s actually quite relaxing for a B-side and for the most part she doesn’t execute that style she’s known for in this song as much and the times she does it’s done nicely and not like “Warabegami’s” fest of it.



As Minami’s 2nd single of the era, Warabegami is definitely not better than “Luna Regalo”.  I do like the arrangement of the song don’t get me wrong, but this girl really tried to hard with that shima-uta style of singing…almost.  In fact it could possibly be my least favorite song from her right now.  Hoshi no Saku Michi however was the saving grace for the single since it was like the better stuff she has released already.  Switch the songs around the single plz!


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