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So it’s almost the 18th which is this blogs 2nd anniversary and I’m pretty blessed to have actually talked with some of my readers and I continue to do so for at least another year ^_^!  So with that I’m happy with everything.  Now you guys might’ve also noticed my recommendations are closed once more and prolly for good because I have an immense amound of artists to follow.  And I’m pretty sure you all know how hectic that gets right? lol

Anyway, like I said I wanna get to talk to more of you and if ya have msn and/or yahoo leave me a message and we’ll chat it up if you have like something to say or just wanna say hi

TO THE SECOND PART OF THIS POST, this will prolly be my last full-on ARTISTS BLOWOUT since I’ll prolly only add interesting new artists from now on. So here we go!


Yup, it’s not slutty Kuu this is a different one, a rather more mellow kumi XD  I’ve already reviewed all her singles so far so I’m waiting for the next release now!

Riisa Naka

Yep, while right now she’s known as ZEBRA QUEEN, Riisa begins her music career on a very strong note hahaha  I kind of enjoying her sound and hope to see more from her real soon! 


I have no clear reason why I’m adding lecca, but her music is kind of one-of-a-kind right now on the charts and I really want to hear more.  Then again with her man vocals it’ll be something to watch hahahaah


Yeah yeah yeah, Namie’s back-up dancers….Then again they can hold their own against the soloist and they don’t sound so bad.  I’ll start off with their reunion single “Rough Cut Diamond”

And now here’s the guys you people recommended!!!!


Yep, a J-rock group and you know I’m not sure where to begin with this group but I think “Koi Oto” is a good place to start so tada!

Eiko Shimamiya

Ok, I’ll admit that Eiko has been getting into my playlists a lot lately and since she’s the last I’ve Sound member I’ll add (Kaori Utatsuki is unimpressive to me right now), she’s joining.  I’ll be starting with whatever began this “PERFECT WORLD” era.


While it was hard trying to find info on them it wasnt til I saw that Bakuchi Dancer was a HIT that I finally saw them so I’m going to start off with their single “Yoake Mae/Chocolate”.

Sukima Switch

Never heard anything from this group but I’m willing to try them out, starting with their upcoming single “Ice Cream Syndrome” due out in June so it won’t be for a while.


Yep, starting with this week’s release of “Sunshine Girl” they will now be featured on the site, so I might review their single tonight.


Hey an actual 3-nin group that isn’t scented, Yep Imma start on “Haru Love” and work my way up ^_^


Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara…

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Track Listing

  1. Onegai Dakara…
  2. Hanakotoba
  3. Onegai Dakara… (Instrumental)

1. Onegai Dakara…

I’m surprised Tsunku is putting more effort to Manoeri’s music now because since her last A-side, “Haru no Arashi”, her music has actually have been given some life and while it is Manoeri, the girl that doesn’t have an amazing voice but this song kind of comforts us into it.  The chorus is still a spotty spot because her voice gets a bit too nasally, but really the arrangement is actually strong for an H!P song.  Nice job here.

2. Hanakotoba

Unfortunately the B-side is one of the boring H!P Manoeri ballads that I really don’t enjoy because they aren’t grand ballads, no, they are piano ballads.  While the amount of synths in the song is there to make the song cuter, it just doesn’t work.  If there was a little more emotion put into it maybe it would’ve been better, but this was boring….plain boring.



While Mano’s A-sides have been getting better and better in this era, The B-sides are somewhat suffering.  I do like Onegai Dakara… quite a bit because it’s upbeat and not really annoying but with Mano’s meh technique at singing through the chorus it makes me wonder if Tsunku really made a good decision making her into H!P’s only soloist.  Make matters worse, throw in Hanakotoba’s mehness since she’s already done that with previous ballads and they all are particularly sameish to me…maybe things will change iono.