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kumi – Kimi ni Massugu Koishite May 21, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi ni Massugu Koishite
  2. Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo

1. Kimi ni Massugu Koishite

Out of all the singles released, I was liking this song the most actually.  It could be the fact that there was some effort put into the arrangement this time around and it’s actually danceable by all means.  It does sound like something BENI would’ve done and kumi’s vocals are kind of just like that since it’s so light and fluffy.  Now while to many people, this will sound rather blunt and unoriginal, but why change a good thing around?  Good song here.

2. Zutto Itsumo Futari de feat. Momo

What’s the A-side of the last single here as the B-side?  Eh whatever…Like I said on it’s respectable single review, it’s a pretty good song from basically two unknown artists.  Kind of follows the A-side quite nicely but it’s not as danceish like it though which is good enough for me.  While it’s difficult to really tell who’s who, they both sound great and in tune with each other.



While I wonder what this release actually counts as since her website doesn’t constitute it as an official release, we get a new song out of it and an older one (that was good).  If this is how “Koisuru Kimi e” will sound like count me in!


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