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Ataru Nakamura – Iede Shoujo June 5, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Iede Shoujo
  2. Kaereru Basho Nante, Nai
  3. Futatabi (hidden track)

1. Iede Shoujo

After making a transfer from avex to Yamaha, I was wondering where Ataru was going to take her career next and with Iede Shoujo went with a pop/rock ballad for her first single of a new era and chapter.  Now Ataru has been kind of the weird artist for me because of her sexual change that clearly didnt affect her voice much because in this tune she sounds a bit like Nissy from AAA.  It’s not that I bag on the girl’s voice cuz it sounds manly (ala lecca)…XD…it’s just that well…I thought vocals would’ve gotten more higher and iono girlier?  It’s something I’m not used to.  Still the song is pretty good and Ataru’s vocals are fitting here as well.

2. Kaereru Basho Nante, Nai

I didn’t expect the B-side to be a jazz tune more or less.  Though I felt Ataru’s vocal performance was really lacking in this song for some reason.  I did say I wanted to hear Ataru at a higher pitch, but this was just pushing the limits and not in a good way.  Poor girl was straining to no end and she was squeaking too.  I’d tell ya, it’s my first time that I was disappointed with a B-side from her.

3. Futatabi

However, looking at the time of the song being 8 minutes…I wasn’t expecting a secret track, nonetheless on a single!  The tune is basically Ataru singing acappella and in the high register, almost in a opera style and I thought that was amazingly pretty.  After the long intro, the song picks up a simple R&B beat and she sings along with the beat.  I still think the ending, is a little sudden, but makes for a good climax to this song.



I don’t know why Ataru left avex trax for Yamaha…but her first single for the era is kind of bad compared to “Kaze Tachinu” and “Kotonakare Shugi”.  The A-side is pretty good…maybe a smidge bland, but still pretty good with Ataru’s vocals.  The B-side though was a hot mess and turned me off completely here…However, Futatabi was surprisingly good and makes full use of Ataru’s vocals.  Hope this was just a stepping stone for her upcoming days with Yamaha.