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Aira Mitsuki – 6 FORCE June 7, 2010

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Track Listing

  2. Wonder touch
  3. lie days
  4. display toy (Regular only)
  5. Yellow Submarine (Limited only)
  6. FAKE
  7. LEVEL5
  9. I can’t (TOWER RECORDS Bonus)
  10. Grotesque (HMV Bonus)


Beginning Aira’s first mini-album, HEAT MY LOVE actually has been known since maybe a few months after “PLASTIC”‘s release.  I found it strange that it was basically the only news from it until the last month or so.  Anyway, HEAT MY LOVE oddly reminds me of a more upbeat “Spring Sky”.  It’s got your typical Terukado sound to it, but there’s something about it that made it catchier than normal.  It’s a pretty good opening track.

2. Wonder touch

I was surprised at how Wonder touch came out.  I mean Terukado here took the rapping verses from capsule’s “the Time is Now” with some extra quips from this “Roxanne”.  As for the song, it goes back into her debut era with the deeper synth drive and funky rhythms.  I’ll admit that I missed this side of Aira and it’s gotten better it seems.  I’ve also noticed Aira’s vocals have also sort of got back to that way as well which is amazing.  I think this is better than “HEAT MY LOVE”.

3. lie days

So of course since this is a D-topia release, there always has to be a ballad and once again I’m finding myself pretty bored with it.  I mean yeah, there’s programmed strings and a real chill sound to it, but c’mon this sounds like a refined version of “Every night heartfull music song” and that was already 1-upped by “distant STARS”.  Let’s just say Terukado’s ballads aren’t great with Aira…her voice isn’t that nice to listen to through that style.

4a. display toy

Now depending on which edition you bought, it comes with a different song.  The regular edition comes with display toy.  Now this song is definitely like the return of songs like “Robot Honey” and “BARBiE BARBiE” since it has that sparkling electropop sound and well they all sound similar to one another and I don’t mind that because of this time, Aira/Terukado and whoever produces the sound made it correct and it doesn’t sound jarring.  I thought it was pretty catchy overall and made me dance!

4b. Yellow Submarine

As for the limited edition, Yellow Submarine takes over and while it does have the leftover “PLASTIC” sound, it’s kind of funky and fresh at the same time and it could be the synth melody.  It seems Aira uses a whole lot of English as well in the song.  It’s prolly got the heaviest beat here.  There’s also some stock vocals present in the song that sound like Aira, but people think it is her and I’m like….Aira doesn’t speak English that well lol.  Still good song!


Before, all we knew was Aira and Terukado and they were inseperable.  Starting with this mini-album though, Aira has flown from her nest and joined Sawagi (a J-rock/electro fusion band).  Right from the start you’ll feel the total difference from her works with Terukado.  With a guitar/synth melody it makes you wonder how she was capable of taking the stuff that made her good and apply it here.  Though it seems that Aira’s lisp is more obvious sounding, but there’s less vocal manipulating here.  FAKE is nice, but she’s just speaking majority of it and hearing her actually singing with Sawagi supporting would’ve been nicer.  Those parts are nice!


However, I’m definitely giving a trophy to this song.  The dark bass riff really made this song for me and with Aira singing in a pretty mysterious way, it totally worked for me and showed a way better cohesive pair between the two.  Yes, Aira’s lisp definitely has overrided the song at points and the lack of vocoder is still daunting, but I still ended up loving this rock/electro mix-up.  At 6 minutes, it’s a guilty pleasure for me.


The last of the Sawagi-produced tracks, TURKEY is just a lulzy title for me.  Compared to the last two tracks, this has the most amount of electro inspiration in it, but at the same time, Aira’s lisp has died down this time and it sounds better almost.  I’m not sure how to really describe the song, but it’s kind of different and yet familiar and that’s always a good thing to have.  It’s a nice tune and ends the mini-album off nicely.

8a. I can’t

So, on specific versions of the mini, you get a special track.  From buying this at TOWER RECORDS, it comes with a cover I can’t which is from Saori’s “WORLD WILD 2010” album which is a surprise!  Hearing this version, Aira’s take sounds like it went up a couple of bars higher than Saori’s take.  I have a bit more trouble hearing Aira’s lyrics because of her lisp and all, but this could’ve been a bit better handled.

8b. Grotesque

So buying the HMV version of the album came with an extra disc containing Grotesque which is of course if you guys remember Saori@destiny’s track off her album “WORLD WILD 2010” as well.  Aira’s version of the song sounds exactly the same arrangement-wise as Saori’s put with Aira’s vocals.  To me that feels sort of like a copout since I think Saori’s is much more cleaner and clearer to listen to.  At least it was a nice try.

*will review the bonus track, “I can’t” when it leaks!!!*  Aira’s first mini-album is more or less a continutation of what we’ve been listening to since the girl debuted, but with a twist!  The five songs Terukado worked on weren’t exactly breaking new ground at this point and was more of a “if it’s that good why change it” kind of attitude for this mini-album.  However, Aira switched things up working with Sawagi and those songs came off pretty good.  Even though Saori’s album is still high and mighty right, Aira’s is a nice listen.  Let’s see what’s in store for the other two new acts from D-topia!


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