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Pokemon ~Generation 5~ What is going on here? June 28, 2010

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So yes, while us American’s have to wait until next spring to get our hands on this addicting 5th generation of addicting crack/heroine/w/e  you want to call this.  Japan will end up having it in their hands in September and until then we’re given these small tidbits about the game.  Though I won’t talk about the games metagame and like the stuff that’s small…but I’ll touch on the bigger things.

Let’s talk about that new things going on in the games

  • Triple Battles – While yes, we got double battle when Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were released and it seems that every two games we get something that does throw the metagame out the window and adds a whole new dimension and to me 3 vs. 3 is kind of scary knowing that there’s attacks like Earthquake and Surf that will just rattle everything in the battle.  Puts a whole new spin on thinking in an RPG way.
  • Professor is a chick?!? wow
  • Game has a slightly more 3D interface, which is interesting that it wasn’t put on the 3DS because that system would really put the game in a better spot.  Still the new 3D kind of idea does look good so far, but I can’t judge fully yet, because I haven’t seen the full capabilities yet. 
  • Of course new attacks and abilities will prolly mess with everyone…especially is some of the older PKMN are given these new ones.

So now for the main attraction, THE PKMN…let’s do this how they were released/leaked

Zoruark & Zorua

So what kicked off the 5th generation, Zoruark is our first Pokemon learned about and I was surprised that unlike previous first known pokes like Marill, Ledyba, Donphan…etc, Zoruark is surprisingly our first Dark-type pokemon of the era and I thought at first glance it looked pretty darn cool.  Still does, but that ability it has, Illusion still kind of confuses me.

I thought it was pretty awesome when we got the Pokemon that evolves into Zoruark roughly round the same time and it’s adorable and fits into the series quite well…that is until it was announced that these two were event Pokemon like Celebi, Shaymin, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, and Arceus.  I’m not sure where these two will end up in the metagame seeing as they’re pure Dark types, but iono.  DAMN I WANNA CATCH ZORUA!

Tsutaaja, Pokabu, and Mijimaru

Released on the Corocoro, a month after Zorua/Zoruark’s introduction, we got our first looks at the new starters of the era and it seemed they haven’t changed up the Grass/Fire/Water typings that we’ve known since the beginning.  The first is Tsutaaja which is clearly the grass-type in the game, it was my favorite of the starters although it kind of reminds me of Treecko a little too much.  I mean Grass gecko and Grass snake?  A little too close for comfort, but I wanna see how this little fellow will evolve.

Even though I’ll admit it’s different from the other Fire-type starters, Pokabu might be catering to the people who liked the simplistic look of the 1st Generation and I can see that with Pokabu.  Unfortunately every Generation I’ve played I’ve never chosen a fire-type to start things off.  If you wanna know it’s Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Mudkip, and Piplup.  So…think it might be time to choose the fire pig?

I like water types, no doubt about that (and I’ll admit there’s a bit too much as well), but I know for sure that I won’t be choosing Mijimaru because…IT HAS A PENIS ON ITS CHEST!  There is no way you can defend the hell out of that and say it’s a shell…because shells do not look like phalluses.  So embarassing Sugumori!

Reshiram & Zekrom

In between the Corocoro leaks, we surprisingly got the mascots for the game.  Reshiram here is the mascot for Pokemon BLACK!  I thought we had enough Dragon-typed legendaries and I was kind of disappointed a bit with the white dragon.  Dragon/Fire might be a new typing…but it wasn’t as grand as our next one. 

As for the mascot for PKMN WHITE!  Zekrom is Electric/Dragon and we even got to learn it’s typing from Ms. Shokotan Nakagawa!  I will admit, this made my jaw drop quite far because it just looks epic…(more epic than that Qilin, Arceus.  I can’t wait to see it’s stats and moves and such.  ALSO!  I think as of right now, these two are the first known English names as well.

Chiramii, Munna, Gear, Mamepato, Hihidaruma, Shimama, and Meguroko

As we entered June’s Corocoro, we actually got confirmation on 7 NEW POKEMON!!! WHOOO!!

The first pokemon shown off was Chiramii, which is a Chinchilla pokemon!  I thought that was pretty cool until we all found out that it was a Normal type which means it’s going to suck competitively…then again cute pokemon rarely are good in battles.  Yes, it is cute and the professor oddly owns one I think in one of the scenes/pictures that were shown.

Interestingly, I read this on PokeBeach that the first generation games mentioned something about a cute pink thing with a flowery pattern and look what we have here!  Being a Psychic-type, Munna is classified as a Dream Eater (same as Drowzee and Hypno) so it makes me wonder if this is a pre-evolution…

When I first saw Gear, I immediately thought “I wonder what its evolutions will look like” and then “I’m so gonna catch this”.  I love that it’s another pure-Steel type and it’s sort of cute in a machine-like way.  Thing is that it’s not based on some Japanese myth (Mawile much?).  Still a cool new pokemon

Yep, already classified as the era’s Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow, and Starly…Mamepato continues the trend of bird pokemon that only will really be useful at the beginning and unless you really keep up with its training it’ll just be box fodder.  It reminds me too much of Starly though so meh…

Hey, I hope this era has a lot more fire-types because 4th gen’s lack of them really hurt.  Another one of those pokemon that kind of made me tilt my head a little, Hihidaruma looks like a monkey, but at the same time doesn’t.  In a way it looks like a pre-evolution to Heatran because it you look at their tails they look similar…and without the armor…Iono I might be overthinking.  Still sweet a FIRE TYPE!

Besides the wonky eyes, I like Shimama‘s more natural look to the animal world than most of the others.  Being clearly based off a zebra, I didn’t think that this pokemon would be an Electric type.  If it evolves it’ll just be like an Electric version of Rapidash which isn’t bad persay, just a little obvious.

And finally, we got a Dark/Ground crocodile and I’ll admit looks 1st/2nd Gen of course and it seems to be like a good early pokemon perhaps…Meguroko‘s evolution will definitely be amazing I bet.  It seems to parallel with Hippopotas/Hippowdon though.

Moguryuu, Doryuuzu, Ononokuzu, Desukan, Denchura

In this first screenshot, we see Shimama, Hihidaruma, and a new pokemon, Moguryuu.  To me, it’s clear that this pokemon will most likely be a Ground type.  I wanna see the front to see if it’s cute or not…and a lot of people mistook it as a Mamepato. 

As all these pokemon were leaked, via Oha Star we also got 4 more new pokemon as well.  Starting with:

Doryuuzu – It’s the top left pokemon and it looks like the evolution to Moguryuu and sadly it looks like a Drimogemon in the way that they use drills to attack (which is one of the new moves).  Sorry, didn’t like the whole Digimon look to it.

Ononokuzu – On the top right is Ononokuzu, which is another dragon-type, this guy kind of looks like Giratina in way, but golden…Maybe it’s just me.

Desukan – Kind of the oddest pokemon yet in the era…Like Spiritomb, Desukan is on the bottom left and it looks like a sarcophagus with ghost hands on it and made me wonder if that means…a new Ghost/Ground typing maybe since sarcophagus are underground mostly.  Still..Deathcan?

Denchura – Finally on the bottom right, is Denchura which means roughly electric tarantula and instantly means it’s a Bug/Electric type which is great since it’s a new typing.  Before learning that I thought we getting a Final evolution for Spinarak > Ariados.  Still sounds pretty good otherwise right?


And finally, the last picture here contains 3 more new pokemon…unfortunately there was no information about them and just got a quick glance.

The first one on the left is kind of cute in a strange way and it’s ectoplasmic state is weird in pokemon lan.  Like who else can u see their innards cept for Poliwag?  Yea…Ghost for sure…but it might have a dual type as well..

The middle one has people thinking it’s an evolution to Nosepass > Probopass because of the colors with red and blue being this guy’s coloring.  I don’t see how that would work since it looks more reptilian and doesn’t have a big ass nose either but w/e.

Lastly, the girlish pokemon screams Dark type at me…but I don’t know why it’s more human-like than Jynx and Mewtwo.  In time we’ll figure it out.



So that’s all I have to say so far…and I’ll update when new pokemon are leaked out so dont worry ^_^


6 Responses to “Pokemon ~Generation 5~ What is going on here?”

  1. Oh cool! You DID do this post! High five!

    My thoughts:
    Triple Battle = Gratuitous
    Tsutaaja = Treecko Copy
    Pokabu’s body is shaped JUST LIKE Turtwig’s
    Gear might be a preevolution of Bronzor?
    Mamepato… another freakin’ bird?
    For some reason I think Shimama and Meguroko are adorable.
    I still don’t know all the names/attacks/anything from the 4th Gen for the most part.

    • solarblade Says:

      Yeah, I think Triple Battle will be amazing

      But…Gear isn’t blue?
      hahaha yup another BIRD!
      and yeah, I’m still trying to finish most of the afterstory of Pearl so hahaha

  2. tsukinoai Says:

    MUNNA!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol Mijimaru does not look like it has a penis on it… unless it’s a severely squashed one o_O. I don’t like the starter pkmn too much except for Mijimaru and maybe Pokabu. Anyway I’m sooo excited for this… don’t we have to wait until April T_T. Idk if Munna could be a pre-ev though… it’s so much cuter <3. Frick… my one weakness in pokemon is obsessing over the cute ones and losing focus in the game as a result xD

  3. Badymaru Says:

    One word: SMUGLEAF

    I’ve always been a fire type lover, but I’m TOTALLY choosing Smugleaf this time. xD

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